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5 Horse Vacuums That Really Suck (In a Good Way!)

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Written by Aimee B.

The Right Tool for the Job Makes All the Difference

As a horse owner, you know that properly grooming your horse is crucial for his overall health and well-being. Keeping your horse groomed can be challenging, especially when your gray steed would rather be brown, or when the temp drops and traditional baths aren’t feasible.

Whether you’re dealing with a perpetually dusty horse or inclement weather, a horse vacuum just might be the answer to your biggest grooming challenges.

We will cover why you might choose to use a vacuum on your horse, what to consider when shopping for a vacuum, and our top horse vacuum selections across several different categories.

Why Vacuum a Horse?

Here are a few reasons people decide to invest in an equine vacuum.

Everyday Grooming

Vacuums are great at removing dust, dirt, and dander without a lot of effort on your part.

If you struggle with arthritis in your hands, or allergies to dust and dirt, vacuuming can dramatically improve your grooming experience.

Cold Weather Grooming

While a thick coat is excellent for surviving cold weather, it can make grooming a real challenge.

A good vacuum can help you effectively groom your shaggy horse and make shedding season less stressful.

And if you live in a cold climate, it can also help keep your horse’s thick winter coat well-groomed.

Grooming for Shows

Regardless of the discipline in which you’re showing, grooming your horse to his best is crucial. Although nothing beats shampoo and water for getting your horse sparkling clean, a vacuum can make the process easier. (Dry shampoo is another option.)

It’s also great for grooming between show classes when your horse may pick up extra dust or shavings by rolling in his stall.

Shopping Considerations

There are a few things to consider when you’re on the market for a horse vacuum.

Anticipated Usage

For the most part, horse vacuums are expensive. You may want to consider how much you’ll use the vacuum before you decide to shell out for a top-of-the-line machine.

If you are only using it occasionally, consider finding a more versatile machine that could help out with other chores around the barn.

If you’re looking for a vacuum to haul with you on the show circuit, remember to check out the machine’s weight. There are a few which are quite heavy and simply not practical to haul.

Price Point

Whenever you make a purchase, it’s always best to have a budget. This is especially true for horse vacuums!

Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews is a great way to learn about a product before you buy it. Understanding both the good and the bad can help you decide which product is right for you.

Sometimes, a product’s drawback may not be that big of a deal. If you don’t weigh out the good and the bad, you may miss out on a product you might actually love.

Our Favorite Vacuums for Horses

Category Option Price Point Key Features
Best Overall Rapid Groom Heavy-Duty Horse Vacuum


  • Two-speed, 120 volt motor
  • 28 pounds
Most Versatile Craftsman 16 gallon, 6.5 HP Wet/Dry Vac


  • 3 year limited warranty
  • 26 pounds
Most Portable Metrovac Pro-3AG Professional Large Animal Groomer


  • 4 peak HP
  • 17 pounds
Best on a Budget Groom Hero Vacuum Brush Kit


  • Adaptable to most vacuums
  • Approximately 2 pounds
Best for a Splurge  Electro Groom Horse Vacuum


  • Two motor turbines
  • 87 pounds

Best Overall – Rapid Groom Heavy-Duty Horse Vacuum

You can’t go wrong with the Rapid Groom from Electric Cleaner Co for a solid and reliable horse vacuum! Good news, the hose is crush-proof, so if your horse missteps, it’s not a big deal.

The Rapid Groom is, overall, a great model to have around the barn.

horse vacuum

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  • The vacuum comes with several different attachments.
  • Select the higher power setting for your horse’s body and the lower one for more sensitive areas such as the legs.
  • This model has wheels, so you can roll it around the barn as needed.


  • This vacuum is expensive.
  • The Rapid Groom doesn’t have a separate blow function.

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Most Versatile – Craftsman Wet/Dry Vac

The Craftsman Wet/Dry Vac is your best bet if you’re looking for versatility. Whether you need something to clean up wet or dry messes, the Craftsman has you covered.

It’s so versatile that you can even use it as a horse vacuum!

horse vacuum

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  • The vacuum has a separate blowing function so you can dry your horse or clean a barn aisle.
  • This vacuum has a drain, so you can easily empty the chamber of liquid.
  • Reasonably priced for its versatility.


  • The hose is relatively short, and you may need to purchase a separate attachment for vacuuming your horse.
  • This vacuum does not feature crush-proof hosing.

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Most Portable – Metrovac Pro-3AG Professional Large Animal Groomer

The Metrovac Pro-3AG Professional Large Animal Groomer is a quality vacuum that can easily be taken wherever you need it to go.

With multiple different grooming attachments, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect grooming experience for your horse.

horse vacuum

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  • The vacuum comes with multiple hoses and at least 3 brush heads.
  • It features powerful suction and blowing capacity.
  • This set also comes with extra bags and filters.


  • The Metrovac is on the pricier end of the spectrum and not ideal for someone on a tight budget.
  • This model has slightly less horsepower than the wet/dry vac, which may translate into slightly less effective grooming.

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Best on a Budget – Groom Hero Vacuum Brush Kit

Easily adapt any vacuum into one suitable for use on a horse with this handy vacuum brush kit!

It comes with two separate brush attachments and is, hands-down, the most budget-friendly option on this list.

horse vacuum

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  • Ergonomically designed brush head attachments make grooming easy on your joints.
  • The curry pin insert brush head is excellent for bringing dust to the surface, so the vacuum can suck it right up.
  • This kit is also great for cleaning cars, upholstery, and anything else that needs to be vacuumed.


  • The suction is only as powerful as the vacuum to which the brush kit is attached.

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Best for a Splurge – Electro Groom

Looking for a luxury vacuum experience for your barn? Look no further. The Electro Groom efficiently removes dust, dirt, and dander from your horse without stripping the natural oils from its skin.

It comes in a gorgeous teal color, making it both practical and beautiful.

horse vacuum

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  • Features 10-foot crush-proof vacuum hoses.
  • This model is exceptionally durable and reportedly withstands years of use.
  • Also comes with a blower tip.


  • This vacuum weighs 87 pounds, so it’s not particularly portable.
  • The Electro Groom is known for being loud, so it may not be ideal for spooky horses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do people vacuum horses?

Horses are dirt magnets, and it’s not always practical to give a soap and water bath. If the weather is too cold or you simply don’t have enough time to give a bath, a vacuum can be a great way to efficiently groom your horse.

Vacuuming is an excellent way to eliminate dirt and grime without removing natural oils.

Bathing too often can strip your horse’s coat of the natural oils they need for protection, and most sources say bathing with shampoo should be done less than once weekly. Vacuuming can also fill the gaps between soap and water baths.

Q: Can you use a shop vac to vacuum a horse?

Yes! You can find hose attachments to adapt a shop vac into a horse vacuum.

Q: How do you train a horse to be vacuumed?

  • Introducing your horse to the vacuum is similar to introducing them to clippers.
  • It’s always best to start with the vacuum off and with someone holding your horse rather than having them tied in case your horse gets frightened.
  • Let your horse sniff the vacuum, and once he accepts it, practice rubbing it over his body with the vacuum off.
  • The next step is turning the vacuum on. It’s always best to have a helper hold your horse for this part in case it is fearful.
  • With the vacuum on, and lots of treats in hand, let your horse sniff the vacuum and reward him generously.
  • Reward, reward, reward, and watch your horse’s body language during the introduction. Take it slowly and look for cues that your horse is fearful.
  • Gradually work up so you can rub him with the vacuum running.
  • Be patient, as forcing the issue can set the process back dramatically.

Introducing a horse to a vacuum can take minutes, hours, or even weeks. Take your time and work with a trainer if you are unsure how to proceed or if your horse shows significant fear.

Looking for more info? Check out this article!

Parting Thoughts

Whether your white horse aspires to be Black Beauty or you live in the Midwest and the weather just isn’t cooperating, horse vacuums can be an excellent choice for your grooming needs. They’re also great for spiffing up your horse between classes at a show.

Be sure to take some time to research the best vacuum model for your needs. And with patience and a bit of training, you’ll have a horse that loves, or at least tolerates, being vacuumed in no time!

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