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5 Best Slickers for Horseback Riding in Dry Delight

Rain slicker
Written by Natasha D.

Outerwear options when rain’s on the way

Depending on where you live, a rain slicker may or may not be essential for your riding wardrobe. This useful jacket is the key to staying dry when wet weather hits.

Waterproof textile designs have grown in leaps and bounds with new technology, however the good ol’ rain slicker is still one of the best riding rain jackets out there. Not only will it keep your upper body dry, it will also offer your saddle and legs protection too!

Rain Slicker Basics

Before I dive into my favorite rain slickers, there’s a few things you should know. Rain slickers are commonly made out of materials such as PVC or oil treated cotton. Like their namesake, these jackets are made to repel water with their slick materials. Some rain slickers can also be referred to as “dusters.” Sizing will depend on manufacturer, and most slickers are either made in unisex or mens sizing. Because of this, I always recommend referencing the brand’s specific sizing chart to ensure proper fit!

What is a Rain Slicker?

In most basic terms, a rain slicker is a rain jacket made to be used while horseback riding.

Most rain slickers are 100% waterproof, but this will depend on the material it is made out of. Oilskin dusters can sometimes let in water during heavy torrential rain. Oilskin also needs to be maintained to keep up its waterproofing ability.

Rain slicker vs Raincoat:

The biggest difference between a rain slicker and a raincoat is the shape and length. A rain coat will be more or less tailored to cover a person in daily life whereas a rain slicker is made specifically for someone that will be in the saddle.

What makes a rain slicker specific to horseback riding?

The biggest stand out feature is the ability to snap the lower portion of the slicker around your legs to ensure the lower half of your body stays dry. The slicker is also designed to be worn while riding in a saddle. Many designs have a built in saddle gusset to eliminate any fabric restrictions.

Best Rain Slickers for Horseback Riding

Category Product Price Point You’ll Love Them If:
Slicker Double S Adult Saddle Slicker $ –   Affordable

–   Have the ability to layer

–   Lightweight

Slicker The American Cowboy Saddle Slicker $ –   Lightweight

–   Neutral Color

–   Waterproof

Duster Low Rider Waterproof Full Length Oilskin Duster $$$$     –   Prefer 100% cotton

–   You need multiple pockets

–   Like an adjustable collar

Duster Pak-a-Roo Duster $$$$ –   Available in multiple colors

–   Breathable

–   You’re seeking a two way    zipper with storm flap

Duster AceRugs Women’s Australian Oilskin Duster $$$ –   Need reinforces elbow patches

–   Need a wide rear saddle gusset

–   Want snapping leg straps

$: 0 – 50
$$: 51 – 100
$$$: 101 – 150
$$$$: 151+

Best Rain Slickers

Double S Adult Slicker – Yellow

The Double S Adult Slicker is the perfect option for riders looking to stay dry as well as stand out. The bright yellow colored PVC will provide weather protection even on the stormiest of days.

With a corduroy lined collar and side entry pockets, you will be dry, warm, and ready to have the best ride of your life no matter the weather.


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  • Has added snaps to close around legs when in the saddle
  • Easy to clean
  • Has an adjustable inner drawstring waist to customize fit


  • Only comes in yellow
  • The hood can be a bit small if you have a lot of hair

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The American Cowboy Saddle Slicker – By Southwestern Equine

Are you looking for a slicker that is lightweight and easy to pack? If so, the American Cowboy Saddle Slicker is the riding slicker for you!

This coat is created with the rider in mind. Each slicker has a removable hood for customization as well as a drawstring waistband and air vents along the sides and back to keep you dry and cool no matter the weather.


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  • Buttons along the bottom can snap and wrap around legs to keep legs dry while riding
  • Unisex sizing
  • Has a saddle gusset to help protect your saddle from the rain


  • The zipper is installed on the opposite side
  • This slicker is on the thinner side which could cause it to wear out faster

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Outback Trading Company – Low Rider Waterproof Full Length Oilskin Duster

This Low Rider Oilskin Duster from Outback Trading Company will not let you down. Made from waterproof and breathable cotton, this duster will banish wetness and protect you from the elements on the range.

This duster is a slightly shorter version of the traditional styles making it perfect for the rider that wants the protection of a duster in a smaller package.


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  • Great for smaller riders due to it’s slightly shorter length
  • Roomy enough to layer sweaters or jackets underneath
  • Compatible with other Outback Trading Company accessories


  • Oil from the oilskin can soak through and get on your hands and clothes
  • Water can get in under prolonged exposure
  • Requires more maintenance to keep the ability to repel water

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Outback Trading Company Pak-A-Roo Duster

Outback Trading Company is known for their quality outwear – they do not disappoint with the Pak-A-Roo Duster. With its innovative leg strap design, you will stay dry in the saddle when a storm rolls through.

Not only is this jacket windproof, waterproof, and breathable, it also comes in three great color options!


Click to see it at State Line Tack


  • Easy to store! This duster folds into an inside zipper pocket that can turn into a backpack
  • Machine washable
  • Has a stowaway hood


  • The hood is not adjustable which allows it to sometimes drop too low on the rider’s face
  • On the heavier side

See it at State Line Tack

AceRugs Women’s Australian Oilskin Duster

Since most dusters are marketed either as unisex or mens, I was extremely excited when I saw a product made especially for women. This Australian oilskin duster is high quality and long lasting. Made of oilskin waterproof cotton canvas, this jacket has a cotton lining to keep you dry on the inside and out.

It also has a double front closure to ensure the wind stays where it needs to be–outside of your coat!


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  • Removable cape
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Cotton liner stops at the waist to prevent bunching


  • Oilskin residue can attract lint and hair
  • The cotton liner is not removable

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What to wear horseback riding in the rain?

Becoming soaked to the bone while riding is not fun. Depending on what type of riding you are looking to do and how long you plan to be out, I always recommend wearing a jacket, slicker, or duster that is waterproof. If you don’t have anything that is waterproof, the next best thing would be something water resistant!

Q: Which riding jacket is best for heavy rain?

You’ll definitely want something waterproof! The Double S Adult Slicker is a great option.

Q: Which equestrian brand is best for rain coats?

This is definitely going to be based on personal preference. Most popular equestrian brands carry some sort of rain gear. The

Outback Trading Company does offer several highly-rated waterproof dusters. While expensive, they receive very high reviews from buyers!

Q: Can horses be out in the rain?

Horses have developed a water-repellant oil which helps keep them warm in wet weather. That said, too much time in rainy, wet conditions can have negative side effects. Their coat could become soaked through, eliminating their natural insulation abilities.

Additionally, standing in wet, muddy conditions can cause things like thrush or rain rot. Horses should always be provided with adequate shelter, such as a stall, or run-in shed.

Q: How do you keep a horse out of the rain?

By providing a place for them to retreat from the weather! A run-in shed or covered stall are great options for horses that are not being ridden. If you’re out on a ride and come across a downpour, find the nearest tree and hide out!

Parting Thoughts

Having the right rain equipment to protect yourself while riding is crucial during the stormy seasons. By choosing the best slicker or duster for your needs, you will be able to stay dry and comfortable the next time a storm rolls through.

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