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7 Gallop-Ready Horse Riding Gloves (Summer, Winter, etc.)

Riding gloves
Written by Kim H.

If the glove fits, get a grip!

As horseback riders, we understand the importance of wearing great riding gloves. They help protect our hands, keep us from getting blisters, and help us grip the reins better.

Finding a great pair of gloves can be a struggle. You want to find a pair that fits your hands well, is within your budget, and is comfortable to wear. If you are wondering how to find the best gloves for horseback riding, let us help you navigate the endless options of riding gloves and find something that will work perfectly for you.

Riding Gloves: Why Might You Need Them

Riding gloves serve many different purposes. Riding gloves keep your hands warm in winter, and help provide grip on your reins if your hands get sweaty in the summer.

They will protect your hands should your horse pull suddenly on the reins and help prevent you from getting uncomfortable blisters.

Jumper wearing gloves

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Riding Gloves Basics

Riding gloves are commonly made from leather, especially riding gloves intended for showing purposes. In contrast, some gloves will be fleece-lined for wear during the winter months or made of a cotton blend, which will be more comfortable during warmer weather months.

Glove sizing will vary by brand, so it is important to look at the size guide for the gloves you are intending to purchase.

Some gloves will come in small, medium, or large sizes while others will have numerical sizes. You may need to use a cloth tape measure to ensure that you select the correct size.

Category Product Price Point You’ll Love Them If:
Best Gloves for English Riding Ariat Unisex Air Grip Glove $$ You are looking for a quality riding glove at a good price point
Best Gloves for Trail Riding SSG Schooler Gloves $ You are looking for a durable glove that is great to take on any sort of trail rides
Best Gloves for Winter Riding Kerrits Ladies Hand Warmer Gloves $$ You are looking for a great winter glove to keep your hands warm while riding
Best Gloves for Barn Chores SSG Equestrian Barn Glove $$ You need a great quality barn glove for barn chores such as cleaning stalls and moving hay
Best Gloves for Horse Showing Roeckl Roeck-Grip Unisex Gloves $$$ You are looking for a great quality and comfortable show glove
Best Gloves for Summer Riding OEQ Cool Mesh Glove $ You want a breathable glove for very warm climates that will keep your hands cool
Best Gloves for Budget Shoppers SSG Fleece Lined Gripper Gloves $ You are looking for a great pair of gloves on a smaller budget

$: 0 – 25
$$: 26 – 50
$$$: $51 +

Best Riding Gloves

Roeckl Roeck- Grip Unisex Gloves

These Roeckl gloves are perfect for showing. They feature a soft and supple material that is breathable and comfortable through all seasons.

The gloves feel like a second skin and provide an excellent grip on the reins.

grip gloves

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  • Excellent grip
  • Allows for movement and flexibility
  • Stylish


  • Sizing can be tough to figure out
  • Slightly expensive

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SSG Equestrian Barn Gloves

These SSG barn gloves are a great way to protect your hands while working hard around the barn.

They provide great protection while cleaning stalls, moving feed, or even bringing horses in and out of the barn.

ssg gloves

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  • Provide great grip
  • Warm for the winter months
  • Durable


  • Not very waterproof
  • Thick material so they can get warm

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OEQ Cool Mesh Glove

These gloves feature a mesh back with synthetic suede palms that will help to provide grip while keeping your hands cool. The mesh backs will allow air to flow in and out of the glove.

These are a great option for riding in hot temperatures!

Mesh gloves

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  • Adjustable wrists
  • Airy material
  • Excellent grip


  • Only whole sizes

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Kerrits Ladies Hand Warmer Gloves

These gloves by Kerrits are perfect for those chilly winter riding months. They are made to keep your hands warm while riding, but still allow you to use your touchscreen smartphone so you never have to take them off.

Customers rave about their comfort and insulating properties!

kerrits winter gloves

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  • Fleece-lined for warmth
  • Reinforcement for handling your reins
  • Suede palms that stretch


  • Less precise sizing

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Ariat Unisex Air Grip Riding Glove

These Ariat riding gloves are an excellent choice for any English riding discipline from dressage to jumping. They are made with Stretch Tek Twill to provide flexibility and a great fit for your hands.

An added bonus? They are very breathable, making them a great choice for hot weather.

ariat gloves

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  • Fit well
  • Great mobility in hands when wearing
  • Grip on palms and fingers


  • Sizing is small – you may want to go up a size

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SSG Schooler Glove

This SSG glove is not only at a great price point, but it is also durable. Whether you are going for a quick trail ride or schooling in the arena, these gloves are perfect.

You can also use them to do any chores or work around the barn.

schooler gloves

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  • Durable
  • Great grip on palms
  • Versatile option at a value price


  • Hand wash only

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SSG Fleece Lined Gripper Gloves

These gloves are cotton-backed, and fleece lined to provide extra warmth if needed, but also function as a great riding glove for those on a smaller budget.

They are made of lightweight material and are reinforced in important areas to ensure they hold up to riding.

winter gloves

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  • Warm if needed
  • Good grip
  • Lightweight


  • Finding the right fit can be tough

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best gloves for horse riding?

The best gloves for horse riding will be whichever ones are the most comfortable and match what you need them for. It is a great idea to try on different sizes and fabrics so you can find a pair that fit you well and you still feel comfortable wearing them while riding.

Q: Should you wear gloves when horse riding?

It is a good idea to wear gloves when riding and working with horses to protect your hands. Gloves can aid in grip, prevent blisters, and keep hands warm in colder temperatures.

Q: What do horse riding gloves do?

Horse riding gloves protect your hands from both injury and the elements. Gloves can keep your hands warm during the winter months and protect them from sun in warmer months. Riding gloves can also protect your hands from blisters or rope burns (especially when leading or longing!)

Q: What are the warmest horse riding gloves?

The warmest horse riding gloves will be gloves that are fleece lined with a wind-proof exterior. They will protect an added layer of warmth if you are riding in a colder climate.

Q: How do you measure for riding gloves?

Riding gloves will all have different size charts, so it is important to read their size chart to find out what measurements they are basing their sizing off of. Some brands will have you measure the length of your hands and others will have you make a fist and take the measurement around your first.

Silly gloves on a horse

Source: Canva

Parting Thoughts

Finding the perfect pair of riding gloves can feel overwhelming since there are so many options out there. Hopefully this list helped point you in the right direction!

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