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EQU StreamZ Review: Do Magnetic Bands Really Work?

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Written by Horse Rookie
*StreamZ was kind enough to send me a pair of bands to try when they heard how much my horse does. They did not, however, pay for or request a product review. I’m also not an affiliate.*

Non-Invasive Magnetic Fetlock Bands for Horses

If there’s one thing I’m comfortable admitting, it’s that I don’t know (nearly!) everything about horses. It’s why I started Horse Rookie way back when, and it’s why we have so many other riders, trainers, and professionals contribute their knowledge. 

When I first began chatting with the team at StreamZ about publishing eventer Harriet Upton’s story, I’d never even heard of magnetic fetlock bands for horses. 

As we talked about how many disciplines my horse does, though, I started to think magnet therapy might be worth a try.

horse legs

My gelding works quite hard, and I want his health to last.

From cutting to reined cow horse, jumping to dressage, my AQHA certainly puts in his time at the “gym” every week.

These disciplines put a lot of strain on his joints, which is why he got his hocks injected (as a preventative) recently and is on daily joint supplements.

What are EQU StreamZ Bands?

EQU StreamZ magnetic horse bands use non invasive 360º resonance technology. Unlike traditional magnet-based gear, they came up with a way to use magnetic fields for longer periods of time without any heat buildup.

With the StreamZ bands, there’s a continuous strip of StreamZ magnetized silicone that creates a 360º non-invasive energy field which spins around the horse’s leg.

The result? Magnets that DON’T create heat!

That means you can use the bands on fetlocks or hocks and directly before/after exercise.

You can even leave them on long-term (as in 24/7), including for turnout. As someone who boards her horse and can’t get to the barn every day, this was especially appealing.

Take the bands off when you’re exercising your horse.

StreamZ magnetic technology helps minerals across the horse’s entire system creating the ‘StreamZ effect’ throughout the body (i.e. not just legs). Reading about it reminded me of the way Equiwinner Patches rebalance my horse’s electrolyte system in a non-invasive way.

Check out this video to learn more:

What’s Inside the Box?

When you order EQU StreamZ bands, you’ll get one pair. (If you want to use them on all four legs, get two packs.)

There’s an an instruction card inside the box so you know how to fit the bands properly.

EQU streamz box contents

Here’s what comes in a pack of EQU StreamZ Bands.

Fitting & Using the Bands

StreamZ bands are meant to be wrapped around the cannon or pastern bone on either fore or hind legs (or a mix of fore/hind).

That means you can put them on above or below the fetlock joint.

They should be worn for a minimum of 8 hours per day for best effect, but it’s safe to leave them on 24/7.

Note: When turned out for long periods of time the bands should be placed above the fetlock. A few layers of vet-wrap can be added over the band if your horse is turned out in soft ground conditions.

EQU streamz instructions

Read the instructions carefully before fitting the bands.

To fit one of the bands, wrap it around the fetlock/hock and attach using the hook-and-loop material.

Leave enough of a gap to push your little finger between the band and the horses skin.

It should NOT be so loose the band can spin around the leg.

You can also use the bands in conjunction with other magnetic boots, wraps, or bandages.

Note: To be on the safe side, do not use these bands on any horse diagnosed with a medical heart condition.

EQU streamz fetlock bands stacked

Here’s a closeup of the bands. (They’ll never be this clean again…)

Make sure to use the extra velcro tab to secure the band. 

EQU streamz band velcro

There’s velcro along the band itself, as well as an extra securing velcro tab.

Care & Cleaning

The good news is that you can stick the bands in the washing machine (or hand wash) with COLD water to clean them.

Be sure to remove the magnetic strips prior to washing them.

The bad news is that you can’t buy replacement sleeves. So be careful!

My EQU StreamZ Experience

In summary: so far, so good! I received the bands right before the COVID pandemic upended a lot of things, including where I was keeping my horse. I temporarily moved him to a friend’s property, and trying out the bands got a bit lost in the shuffle. 

After a few weeks settling in, though, I was able to start using them between rides.


His legs may be filthy, but these bands still look new

What I’m hoping for: 

  • Quicker recovery time post-exercise
  • More suppleness in his hind end and overall movement
  • Less intermittent lameness on his front right leg (old injury)

What I’ve noticed so far*: 

  • Improved movement and suspension at all gaits
  • No puffiness post-exercise
  • No lameness issues on front right leg
  • Plus, he hasn’t minded wearing these bands at all!

*Mid-way through my trial of the bands, my horse popped a splint bone (totally unrelated). I had to switch to a pair of full-size magnetic boot in 2-hour blocks during his 2+ month recovery, which is still underway. I look forward to going back to his fetlock bands once he’s healed up!

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Olympians Gemma Tattersall (Eventing) and Sophie Wells (Para Dressage), International 5* show jumpers such as Trevor Breen and Harriet Nuttall and many other international stars across a variety of equine disciplines including showjumping, eventing, dressage, barrel racing, polo, trick riding, and mounted shooting have become EQU StreamZ ambassadors. 

See their full list of ambassadors here.

Find Out More

You can learn more about EQU StreamZ Bands on their website. (Plus, they make magnetic collars for dogs!)

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