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5 Bone-Dry Waterproof Horse Riding Boots

waterproof horse riding boots
Written by Nicky H

Rain, rain, go away!

When storm clouds appear on the horizon, most of us turn to our trusty rain boots for protection. While great for wet conditions underfoot, rain boots don’t perform very well in the saddle, and don’t offer much protection against a misplaced horse’s hoof, either!

Waterproof riding boots keep your feet dry while holding up to the rigors of barn life. Some even have the flex needed to keep your foot stable in the saddle. With more features than your average rain boot, these five boot options will keep your feet warm and dry in the worst weather.

That’s why you need a pair of waterproof boots that can withstand wet weather and keep you safe and comfortable both in and out of the saddle.

Waterproof Boot Basics

When to Wear Waterproof Boots

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that waterproof boots are best suited to wet weather conditions!

Even if it’s stopped raining, the ground usually stays wet and muddy for several days, giving you a few more opportunities to test out your waterproof riding boots. Some waterproof riding boots are also suitable for cold, snowy days and even moist mornings when clear skies and light winds cause a heavy dewfall.

Most riders will have a waterproof boot option for poor weather conditions and another boot option for sunny days. This will stretch out the lifespan of both pairs of boots!

Pros of Waterproof Boots

Waterproof riding boots aren’t just glorified rain boots. They’re purpose-built to perform in the unique conditions equestrians face, protecting you against misplaced horse hooves and offering basic performance in the saddle.

In addition to protecting your feet against wet and rainy conditions, waterproof riding boots should also be durable, comfortable, and versatile.

Whether you’re riding in the rain, mucking out stalls, or walking through wet grass, these boots provide reliable protection throughout the year. They’re also great for crossing unexpected streams and rivers – either on horseback or on foot.

Waterproof riding boots should also be easy to clean, robust, and long-lasting.

closeup of waterproof leather boots

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Cons of Waterproof Boots

Waterproof riding boots are great in the rain but may prove too hot in warmer, drier conditions.

  • A lower-quality waterproof boot may not provide enough ventilation, causing your feet to become hot and sweaty.
  • Waterproof materials also tend to be heavier, making these boots more tiring to wear, especially if you’re spending the whole day on your feet.
  • Cost is also a consideration, as waterproof boots are made from more durable materials that often cost more than their non-waterproof alternatives.

You may also find your waterproof riding boots need a bit more care than your rain boots. A quick rinse under the tap won’t suffice, especially not if you want your boots to last.

The worst thing about waterproof boots is that they’re not always waterproof! Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial if you want to keep your boots in tip-top condition and prevent any moisture from sneaking in.

Waterproof Boot Summary 

Boot Style Brand Price Point Key Feature
Waterproof Barn Chore Boot Mudruckers Waterproof 9in Slip-on Mid Boot $ 100% waterproof, breathable boots
Paddock Boot OEQ Ladies Ridge Waterproof Boot $ Optional insoles enable you to adjust the sizing
Stylish Boot Ariat Women’s Langdale H2os $$$ Stylish, slim-fit boots suitable for light chores and wet walks
Men’s Boot Ariat Men’s Terrain Waterproof Pull-On H20 Boot $$ Shock-absorbing waterproof boots with superior traction
Riding Boot Dublin Ladies River Boots III $$ Suitable for year-round wear

Mudruckers® Waterproof 9in Slip-On Mid Boot

Leap into the mud and muck, knowing your feet will stay warm and cozy in these comfortable yet functional waterproof boots.

Designed to withstand the nastiest weather and heaviest of downpours, these 9-inch high boots protect your feet and ankles from mud, muck, and manure while remaining surprisingly lightweight and flexible.

Go where other footwear fears to tread – including the saddle – and enjoy the warmth and breathability of the high-tech lining coupled with the non-slip stability of the rubber tread.

Slipping into these boots is almost as comforting as snuggling your toes into your favorite slippers. They may be a little chunky in the saddle, making it difficult to achieve close contact with your horse, but they’ll at least keep you dry in a downpour and keep your feet from overheating while they’re at it.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Breathable lining eliminates overheating and sweating.
  • Non-slip sole provides stability on the ground and in the saddle.


  • Unisex sizes make finding the right size a little challenging
  • Only available in full sizes

Where to buy it: Amazon

OEQ Ladies Ridge Waterproof Boot

Slip your feet into these boots and start your day with a spring in your step! Lightweight yet durable, these boots provide unparalleled protection against the elements, keeping your feet warm and preventing slippage in wet and muddy conditions.

Recognizing the challenges riders face as the seasons change, these boots come with two pairs of insoles, so you can adjust them to accommodate thicker socks as the temperatures plummet.

The heel reflectors help keep you safe and visible during early morning feedings and provide limited visibility should you venture out in low-light conditions.

With an easy on-and-off design, these boots effortlessly handle rainy day puddles, horse bathing duties, and the challenges of March Mudness. The neoprene and rubber construction guarantees 100% waterproof protection, allowing you to tackle your day without worrying about wet feet. Paired with a grippy outsole, these boots are poised to become your new wet-weather favorite.

OEQ Ridge Waterproof Boot

Designed for all-day, 100% waterproof comfort with lightweight, molded PU footbeds. Antimicrobial and moisture management insert keeps your feet feeling fresh all day, while the durable outsoles provide traction in muddy or wet weather conditions.


  • Insoles allow you to adjust the size to accommodate different sock thicknesses
  • 100% waterproof with non-slip soles
  • Heel reflectors increase visibility in poor light conditions


  • These boots are a bit bulky 
  • 6” shaft offers little lower leg protection

Where to buy it: State Line Tack

Ariat Women’s WMS Langdale H2O Java Equestrian Boot

These classy waterproof boots are well-made and surprisingly sturdy. Designed to protect your feet and lower legs on wet walks and adventures in the saddle, these boots offer a stylish shield against the elements.

These boots showcase a combination of well-crafted design and durability that makes them a reliable companion for navigating rain-soaked paths and muddy terrain.

With anti-slip rubber soles, a lightweight shank for improved stability, and 100% waterproof construction, these leather boots prove their mettle as versatile and chic footwear for those who appreciate both fashion and function.


  • 100% waterproof leather boots
  • Rubber soles provide comfort and traction
  • Back lace system for optimal calf fit


  • Only comes in “Java”
  • Higher price bracket

Where to buy it: Amazon

Ariat Men’s Terrain Waterproof Pull-On H20 Boot

Combining the best features of the work boot with the timeless style of the cowboy boot, these versatile waterproof boots can conquer any terrain in any conditions.

Not only are these boots waterproof, but they also wick moisture away from your feet, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Ariat’s exclusive ATS technology provides stability and support, while the Duratread outsole ensures reliable footing on any terrain. The EVA midsole absorbs shock, promotes good posture, and reduces fatigue, allowing you to tackle any task with confidence.

Whether you’re in the field or exploring the great outdoors, the Ariat Men’s Terrain Pull-On H2O Boots are a perfect blend of durability, style, and performance.


  • Versatile, multi-purpose waterproof boots
  • ATS technology supports and cushions the foot, improving posture
  • The lightweight shank provides extra support and stability


  • Can be challenging to get on, especially when new
  • The sole is a bit chunky with a small heel

Where to buy it: Amazon

Dublin Ladies River Boots III

These stylish boots combine water resistance with year-round versatility. The breathable lining keeps your feet cool even as the temperatures rise, making these boots comfortable enough to wear on all but the hottest days.

The full-grain leather construction protects your feet and lower legs when riding, but will only keep your feet and ankles dry. The shaft itself is not waterproof, so don’t go splashing in any deep puddles!

Additional heel and arch support make these boots as comfortable in the saddle as they are in the mud, while the double cushioning layer ensures a plush and supportive feel with every step.

The elastic top gusset and adjustable lace not only add a touch of personalization, but also enhance the boots’ flexibility. Perfect for country outings, the Dublin River Boots III are not only durable and lightweight, but also boast a Tough Tec rubber outer sole for reliable traction.


  • Breathable lining provides year-round versatility
  • Heel and arch support increase stability and comfort
  • The rubber outer sole provides traction in wet conditions


  • These boots are only waterproof up to the ankle
  • The calf on these is huge! I have wide calves and think these are even a bit much.

Where to buy it: Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best brand of waterproof boots?

If you’re looking for a waterproof Western boot, Ariat boots are tough to beat. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re also built to perform. Functional and long-lasting, Ariat’s waterproof boots are among the best for horse riders—and for those who simply want high-performance footwear that looks as good as it feels.

For English riders, Dublin boots are a great option for wet conditions. These boots are “Rookie Approved” for both muddy and wintery conditions. I’ve owned two different pairs (one insulated for winter riding, the other for spring and fall) and am a big fan!

Q: Are horse riding boots waterproof?

Most horse riding boots are water-resistant, but not all are completely waterproof. A water-resistant boot is fine for fair-weather riding and will even offer some protection from a light rainstorm, but they won’t keep you dry in torrential rain or heavy mud.

cowboy boots in black and white

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Q: What is the best boot for horse riding?

There is no single boot that suits every horse rider and discipline. Whether you’re a beginner or an Olympic medalist, the best boots for horse riding are safe, long-lasting, suited to your chosen discipline, and represent good value for money. Find out more about our top-rated boots for beginners here.

Q: Is there such a thing as a waterproof boot?

Waterproof boots should keep your feet dry. Over time, they can crack, allowing moisture in. Some leather boots will lose their “waterproofing” and need to be re-treated to maintain that “waterproof” claim.

You can buy a waterproofing spray to easily and quickly re-waterproof your leather boots. Just be sure boots are clean and dry before treating!

Q: Can you ride in waterproof boots?

While you can’t ride safely in rain boots, waterproof boots designed for riding will be just as effective in the saddle as they are in a puddle! It’s tough to find a boot that does both jobs well.

If you want a waterproof boot for riding in, select something with a 1 to 1½ inch heel and a thinner, smoother sole.

Q: How many pairs of boots do you really need?

A part of me feels a horse rider can never have enough pairs of boots, while another part argues that one good pair should be sufficient!

Most horse riders have a pair of good boots for shows or competitions, a pair of muck or paddock boots for working around the barn, and another pair for everyday riding. Depending on where you live, you might also have insulated boots for winter riding and waterproof boots for wet, muddy conditions.

Waterproof boots can perform the duties of both a paddock boot and a pair of riding boots, meaning you could get away with having fewer pairs – one for show and one for everything else (including mud)!

Parting Thoughts

There’s little worse than riding with wet feet – except maybe that moment when the rain dribbles down your back and into your riding pants! A good pair of waterproof riding boots enables you to seamlessly swap from barn chores to saddle, and back again.

Not only will waterproof riding boots protect you against the elements, but they’re also designed to be flexible enough around the ankle that you can ride in them comfortably and effectively.

If you don’t want a sudden downpour to put a damper on your equestrian experience, a pair of good-quality waterproof riding boots is a must. 

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