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5 Best Horse Trailers with Living Quarters Fit for a Queen

horse trailer living quarters
Written by Kim H.

Trailer Tech Talk

If you are searching for a new horse trailer with living quarters, you’re probably aware of the wide variety of trailers available. It can feel overwhelming to choose the best trailer for your lifestyle and horses.

You have probably viewed an endless number of living quarter trailers during your initial search. After all, this style of trailer can be convenient for those that travel often to shows, competitions, or long trips with horses.

They provide the luxury of an RV without an additional trailer to pull. But which one is the best option for you?

The Living Quarter Trailer

You are not alone if you are left wondering why a trailer with living quarters is better than just a regular horse trailer. It can be difficult to determine if this type of upgrade is worth the additional investment.

For those horse people that travel often to horse events and pull an RV or travel trailer, a horse trailer with living quarters can eliminate the headache of needing to pull a second trailer.

The floor plans of living quarter horse trailers vary depending on the size of the trailer that you are wanting to purchase. Living quarter options can be found on everything from two-horse trailers to eight-horse options.

Most horse trailers with living quarters include a kitchen, small bathroom, bedroom, and living area. This can widely vary from trailer to trailer depending on the budget.

Some trailers have just minimal basics, while others offer a full kitchen, full bathroom, and bedroom with a king-size bed. The options are endless, and you can guarantee you will find something that suits your needs!

When it comes to horse trailers with living quarters, there are certain brands that are proven to provide high-quality, safe, and reliable horse trailers to thousands of equestrians each year.

Featherlite Trailers

Featherlite is a well known horse trailer brand that has been crafting top-of-the-line trailers for the last 50 years.

They provide all-aluminum (read as no rust) construction that comes with a 10-year structural warranty for additional peace of mind on your purchase.

4-Star Trailers

4-Star horse trailers are well known in the horse industry, and rightfully so. This company began creating trailers in 1984.

They are known to have some of the most technologically advanced horse trailers on the market such as their “Quiet Ride” trailer which was developed to create a smoother and less stressful trailering experience for horses.

Sundowner Trailers

Sundowner has been manufacturing horse trailers for over 45 years and has enjoyed a position as an industry leader for quite some time. They strive to produce trailers that are of the highest quality at a price that is reasonable.

These trailers range in size from something as small as a two-horse bumper pull trailer to some of the largest living quarter trailers on the market.

Shadow Horse Trailers

Shadow is one of the faster-growing horse trailer brands in the United States.

They produce high value, all-aluminum horse trailers, built by horse people. Shadow is consistently working to provide the newest and best features in all of their trailers for both horse and handler.

Cimarron Trailers

Cimarron is a trailer brand that has pushed for innovation in their trailer-building process.

They are 100% employee-owned and operated and have continued to create trailers with excellent safety features, increased durability, and excellent quality.

horse trailer living quarter

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How to Shop for Horse Trailers with Living Quarters

Shopping for a living quarter trailer might feel stressful initially, but there are a few key things to look for that will make it a seamless process!

It is important to keep in mind you and your horse’s needs. Do you really need a three-horse trailer? Or do you have multiple horses you are hauling and want room for more? An initial idea of size will help you narrow down your options.

Budget is an important consideration. Deciding on a realistic number, based on your budget, before you start looking at all the available options, will provide a healthy reality check.

Once you have the budget and trailer size dialed in, then you can start evaluating interior options. These decisions might include splurging for a larger bed, full kitchen, or added living space.

When purchasing a living quarter horse trailer, there are certain red flags you should keep an eye out for, especially if you are planning to purchase a used trailer.

  • Be sure to carefully examine the overall appearance of the trailer.
  • Does anything stick out to you?
  • Check for rust, mold, leaks, and any bows on the sides of the trailer.
  • Thoroughly inspect the flooring, both in the living quarters and the horse trailer area. This includes lifting up any mats!
  • If anything looks off, this is a red flag. You want to ensure that the trailer is as safe as possible for you and your horses.
horse trailer living quarters

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Best Horse Trailers with Living Quarters

Category Product Price Point You’ll Love It If:
Best Overall Featherlite 7481 $$ You are looking for a great trailer that provides safety and comfort for both horse and handler.
Best on a Budget Sundowner Santa Fe 2 Horse $ You do not have a huge budget, but want something with a small, functional living quarter space for short trips.
Best for a Splurge 4-Star 5 Horse Slant Load $$$$ You are looking to splurge on a top-of-the-line trailer that will function not just as a horse trailer, but a high-end travel trailer.
Best for a Family Shadow Conestoga 14.6’  $$$ You want extra space for your family to travel with you.
Best Features Cimarron Norstar 4-Horse Trailer $$$ You are looking for a trailer with lots of technology and safety features.

Featherlite 7481 Living Quarter Trailer

This gooseneck trailer is available with 8’ or 10’ living quarters floor plans, giving you added options for customization. It can also be made in 2,3 or 4-horse models depending on how many horses you plan to haul.

Featherlite trailers are known to provide comfort and durability for many years to come.


  • Different size options
  • Slant load
  • Multiple floorplan options
  • Hydraulic jack


May not be large enough for those that want full-size kitchens and bathrooms

Where to buy:

Sundowner Santa Fe

For someone who is looking for a great trailer that will not break the bank, the Sundowner Santa Fe is an excellent living quarters trailer.

This living-quarter configuration can be paired with a horse area as small as a two-horse all the way up to a 10-horse size.

The inside has a bathroom, small kitchen, and air conditioner. Depending on what you are looking for, you can have different features added.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Ability to add different features
  • Comes as small as 2-horse for someone who doesn’t haul a lot of horses


  • Smaller interior space so it is unable to sleep an entire family.

Where to buy:

4-Star 5 Horse Slant Load

The 4-Star five-horse slant load trailer is a top-of-the-line trailer that gives you all of the modern luxuries that you would want in a travel trailer.

It is perfect for the person that wants to have all the typical RV options in their horse trailer.


  • Spacious living quarter interior
  • Plenty of comfort and safety features for horses including a two-way roof vent per horse and a drop-down feed door with a window per horse.
  • Can have custom graphics created


  • One of the higher-priced living quarter horse trailers

Where to buy:

Shadow Conestoga Trailer 14.6’

The Shadow Conestoga trailer is perfect for a family that wants to travel together with their equine companions.

It is a high-quality trailer with plenty of thoughtful design aspects to create space for sleeping extra people.


  • Slide outs for more space
  • Can sleep an entire family
  • Great value for price


  • Need to spend money on higher-end model to get enough space for family

Where to buy:

Cimarron Norstar 4-Horse Trailer

The Cimarron Norstar trailer is an excellent trailer option for someone that is looking for plenty of great features.

Their trailers are known for some of the best durability on the market and provide comfort and safety for horse and handler.


  • Most durable doors and floors in the industry for your equine friends
  • Excellent entertainment system with technology features for everyone
  • Comes with inverter and generator so you can have power anytime


  • Not as many options as other brands

Where to buy:

horse trailer living quarters

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you live in a horse trailer with living quarters?

Short answer, yes, of course! Realize these trailers, however, are designed similar to RV’s. They assume the buyer is going to use them for vacation for a few weeks (or a handful of weekends) a year. The warranties are generally built around this assumption.

If you plan to live full-time in your living-quarter horse trailer, pay extra close attention to quality!

Spending a little more up-front may save you a whole bunch of hassle down the road (literally and figuratively) if you’re using the trailer more than the manufacturer may have budgeted. Preventative maintenance will play a key role in making sure your living space is comfortable, well-maintained, and will last for your intended purpose.

Q: What is the best horse trailer made?

Obviously, this is a loaded question! Everyone is going to prioritize different features and functions, hence why there are so many choices available on the market.

The best horse trailer for you will check all your “must have” boxes, fall within your budget, and safely haul your horse while housing you on your equestrian escapades.

Q: Should you buy a repo horse trailer with living quarters?

The short answer is that while repo trailers may look like a great deal, they likely come with a lot of baggage. If someone couldn’t afford their payments, they probably didn’t keep up on any trailer preventative maintenance. Expect things to break!

If you aren’t big on DIY, or don’t have a RV shop around the corner, these may be more hassle than they are worth.

Also, you should expect to pay cash for a repo trailer—financing would be much more difficult to obtain than a typical trailer purchase.

Q: Where to find luxury horse trailers with living quarters for sale?

There are many RV dealers that sell horse trailers with living quarters as well. If you’re set on a particular brand, check out their website to see where you could find a dealer near you.

horse trailer living quarters

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Parting Thoughts

Looking to shop and compare many different floor plans and brands all in one place? Head to the Quarter Horse Congress! Held each year in Columbus, Ohio, the Congress is an amazing place to shop for a trailer.

All the major brands show up with the latest-and-greatest trailer designs and finishes. You can walk acres of trailers—it’s the perfect opportunity to figure out exactly what you’re looking for and make some connections while you’re at it.

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