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10 Best Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Brands of All Time

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Trailers That Pull Their Weight in Safety, Comfort, and Style

Traveling across the nation is the best option for someone who enjoys adventure. It’s always great to see new locations and experience new things! Additionally, traveling with a friend on a horse is a very unforgettable experience. Therefore, seeking adventure as a horse owner is highly encouraged.

As a result, it is best to be prepared when going camping with your horse or even on a short vacation. Going unprepared might upset both you and your horse, which is something you do not want to do.

A horse trailer is essential when you are traveling with your horse. However, horse owners should never skimp on the quality.

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Experts suggest getting a horse trailer with living quarters. This is because when you go camping with your horse, you want to spend time together while admiring the excellent environment surrounding you.

For a lot of equestrians, owning a horse trailer is second nature. But choosing the best horse trailer for you might be challenging, given so many various brands and designs are available.

Examining your alternatives is vital since some methods can be more suited to your requirements than others.

This article aims to provide information on some of the most dependable and excellent horse trailers you may use when traveling with your horse. You can also check out Horse Rookie’s Ultimate Trailering Checklist for more details.

Chief Rookie Aside: Thanks to the experts at Double D Trailers for sponsoring this article!

Top Bumper Pull Trailer Brands

1. Double D Trailers

Quality horse trailers have been manufactured by Double D Trailers since 1997, and the company continues to grow.

Using the most recent tools and technologies, their skilled artisans can build your new trailer to meet your unique demands. Moreover, they provide inexpensive fixed-rate financing discounts on all horse trailers.

  • Custom Designs by Experts – Do you own a large horse? Will a carriage need to fit in the area? Do you absolutely need a trailer awning? Build your trailer according to your unique demands. You can believe Double D Trailers to give you what you want. Aside from almost any request, they can add space and alter the characteristics of the horse quarters.
  • Top Safety Features – In order to safeguard you and your horses while traveling, they are dedicated to creating the safest bumper pull horse trailer.
  • Expert Advice for Hauling – Their towing expert can assist you in determining whether your car is capable of pulling your new trailer. They also offer weight distribution solutions for horse trailers.
  • Variety of Models – For the transportation of one to four horses, choose from their inventory of bumper pull-horse trailers.
  • Flat Rate Nationwide Delivery – They make deliveries across the US at a flat rate of $395.
  • Trade-In Deals – They do accept trade-in deals so you can save money on your purchase.
  • Nationwide Warranty Service Program & Guarantee – If something with your trailer is not working, they send one of their reliable mechanics to your house to fix it.

Double D Trailers bumper pull horse trailers also take the following safety measures:

  • SafeTack Design – Slant load models are available. In contrast to most traditional slant load horse trailers, this design does not have a hazardously small loading entryway. An enclosed, lockable tack storage space swings out like a second door to facilitate loading and unloading.
  • SafeKick and SafeBump – The walls and roof are made of rigid composite materials that will keep your horse safe.
  • ‘Green’ Design – Many hazardous chemicals are no longer used in production.
  • Tubular Dividers – You may improve airflow and visibility with see-through tubular head dividers.
  • Quiet Interior – The interior rattling and noise transmission from the road that might stress your horse has been eliminated.
  • 100% Fully Insulated – Complete insulation from front to back allows you to enjoy pleasant temperatures throughout winter and summer.
  • Rubber Flooring – With time, aluminum flooring can rust and deteriorate. It is simple to maintain and offers long-lasting durability owing to its superior material. Furthermore, it lessens vibration and noise for your horse, lowering stress levels and preventing excessive leg strain.
  • Z-Frame Construction – To safeguard your horses in the event of an accident, our innovative design delivers more strength than metal. In order to provide a lighter trailer overall, the 16-gauge Galvalite skin is five times more durable than 0.040 aluminum.

Another fun fact about Double D Trailers is how innovative they are. Did you know Double D Trailers plans to manufacture the word’s first 3D printed horse trailer in 2023? This unique approach has the potential to disrupt traditional trailer manufacturing processes. Benefits include reduced carbon emissions, increased use of sustainable materials, and a more robust supply chain that is less prone to disruptions.

Check out this short video highlighting the design of this innovative horse trailer!

2. Sundowner

Sundowner is a pioneer in manufacturing premium bumper pulls and goosenecks for the horse trailer market.

They even provide long-lasting, unique designs to match your individual preferences.

Each of them can have opulent human living quarters while keeping the equines’ comfort in mind. Your horse will feel secure and content thanks to features like sturdy aluminum construction, cushioned partitions, floor mats, and enough airflow.

A testament to Sundowner’s superior craftsmanship is that they are the official horse trailer of the American Quarter Horse Association.

3. Featherlite

Featherlite can provide whatever type of trailer you need, including bumper pulls, goosenecks, living spaces, and bespoke designs.

In all of their constructions, they place a high focus on comfort for both you and your horse.

They have slam latch separators, drop-down feed doors for ventilation, and cushioned rubber matting with safety as their first focus.

Their sturdy aluminum structure and aerodynamic shapes are designed to last. They offered a comfortable, safe, and fuel-efficient ride and were designed with equestrians in mind.

4. 4 Star Horse trailers

4 Star, a well-known brand among horse owners, offers quality and safety in each model.

Their bumper pulls and goosenecks are meticulously constructed for your horse’s comfort.

In addition to many other characteristics, they have floor mats, rubber walls, butt bars, and tack storage. You may even have luxurious living quarters designed to your specifications, with the option to enhance features as needed.

In addition, the all-aluminum structure provides road durability and fuel economy.

5. Trails West

Trails West provides a selection of horse trailer types that are built to last a lifetime.

So your horse will enjoy a safe and elegant ride.

Each one is built to survive harsh environments, with a robust steel frame and an aluminium body. The mat-covered wood flooring is specifically intended to reduce heat transmission from hot roadways.

You may select from a number of various characteristics to match your and your horse’s individual needs.

6. CM

CM is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a reasonably priced and reliable trailer.

All of their models have high-quality artistry and lightweight aluminum frames.

Every design is made with horse safety in mind. The trailer you want may be built using a variety of features, such as drop feed doors or a big tack room. The reliable designs are intended to survive for many years.

7. Exiss

Exiss offers high-quality trailers at reasonable prices that are made with all equestrians in mind.

All of the styles they offer include durable aluminum construction.

They can create your ideal trailer, whether you only want a two-horse bumper draw or a gooseneck with living accommodations. But, of course, every model is built with safety in mind.

You may be confident that you are getting a top-notch product because they are a member of the Universal Trailer Corporation and Featherlite.

8. Titan

Many equestrians like Titan because of its reputation for having robust, long-lasting construction.

They have a wide range of designs to fulfill your hauling requirements.

Every structure is designed with equines’ comfort and safety in mind. AC, back tack room, and stud gates are among the options available. Thanks to the sturdy but comfy build, you’ll feel secure knowing that your favorite horse is safe while you travel.

9. Merhow

Merhow is a market leader in horse trailers with a wide selection of models.

For the past 65 years, they have concentrated on supplying equestrians with durable, dependable trailers.

They prioritize safety and longevity in every project. The all-aluminum construction can survive years of wear and tear on the road. They include a broad range of features, all of which are designed with your horse’s safety and comfort in mind.

10. Cimarron

Cimarron offers all the trailer features you could possibly want.

They are tough, safe, and designed to keep both you and your horse happy.

You may construct your own design by selecting from a variety of add-ons. They offer a plethora of unique amenities to choose from, whether you require living quarters, cushioned partitions, or a hay elevator.

In addition, they can survive for years because of the robust metal construction of their bumper pulls and goosenecks.

Parting Thoughts

After buying a horse trailer that fits both you and your horse, your adventure will begin. When driving a horse trailer, many people experience feelings of intimidation and overwhelm. That is very understandable. It is a process of learning. After many attempts and errors, you only get proficient at maneuvering a horse trailer safely.

They are also priceless when it comes to your horses. Therefore, you must handle them with the utmost care and regard.

You essentially carry your horse from one location to the next if you choose to travel the country with them. As a result, you must exercise caution as if they were sensitive cargo. Always search for reasonably high-quality horse trailers to ensure their safety.

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