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9 Best Horse Magazines for Kids Who Love Learning

best horse magazines for kids

This article is part of our “Rookies Horsing Around” series, guest authored by Emily and Sarah Harris of Sisters Horsing Around.

Reading can be fun when horses are involved

Reading doesn’t have to be boring. Between school, chores or just learning in general, reading is inevitable. It seems to catch up with us even with using a smart device like a smartphone or tablet, which is easier because it’s more easily accessible. But why not make reading fun and enjoyable?

Magazines are a great place to start. And that’s exactly what any parent or concerned adult wants for the young people in their lives—to see young people letting their minds feast on good wholesome literature and reading material.

Now it might seem that in this day and age it would be easier to just go digital. Guess what—you are right, it would be “easier.” But although it would be so much quicker to pull it up on a mobile device whenever you wanted, as a young person there is nothing like going to the mailbox and finding a new magazine from one of your favorite subscriptions with your name on it.

The good news is that you can get any magazine on our list in digital Kindle form!

It’s something about holding that crisp new publication chock full of glossy vibrant photos, intriguing stories, and quick read lessons that just captures one’s attention until they have completely devoured every single page. Are you hyped up yet about choosing a horse magazine for your young reader?

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Horse Magazine Subscriptions for Younger Kids

Blaze Magazine

Blaze magazine is totally kid-friendly! It takes the elements of education and entertainment and meshes it together to create a well balanced magazine that is creative, challenging, and fun. You will find lots of fun facts, crafts, and games along with articles about horses, young equestrians, and a whole lot more.

This magazine is perfectly suitable for ages 8-14.

blaze magazine

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And we can’t forget this very important fact about the magazine—the magazine is actually named after a real horse. The founder and publisher of Blaze magazine named it after his Rocky Mountain horse, Blaze, who is also the official mascot of the magazine.

If you visit the Blaze magazine website, you will also find that they offer Blaze Kids Radio where you can listen to their episodes. And if you go to their Horse Play page then you will find some really cool printables and articles. This magazine is quarterly, so you will get four magazines every year—which also includes posters within the magazine and Blaze News, a four page newsletter.

This publication is available in the USA, Canada, and elsewhere internationally.

Young Rider

Young Rider magazine is the perfect magazine for any kid, it pretty much says it all in the name. This magazine is geared towards tweens and teens, specifically ages 8-15. It’s all about the young rider and their equestrian stories, horse care, tips, and so much more.

This magazine has something for the English and Western riders.

young rider magazine

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Also included in each issue is a poster for you to hang up wherever you like. Then there is the Young Rider Mini digital edition that you can sign up for using your email, to get even more kid friendly horse-related fun. But don’t think that with this super cool magazine that the States would keep it all for themselves.

This magazine is available in Canada and internationally, and if it is necessary, you can purchase the subscription in other currencies.

Pony Mag

Probably the most popular European Horse magazine, Pony Mag is the United Kingdom’s top equestrian magazine. Pony Mag is a fun and upbeat magazine with loads of cool things to look through, from riding tricks, posters, quizzes, horse or “pony” care tips, and so much more.

Pony Mag is the UK’s version of the Young Rider magazine, and like them, they are geared towards the young rider or horse-obsessed kid.

Pony Magazine

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If you think it ends there, then friends you will soon realize just how big Pony Mag is. If you visit the Pony Mag website, then you will find: PonyTV where you can watch videos, Pony Hangout where there are tons of ‘horsey’ or pony activities, their pony classified listings, and a learning section called “Pony Know How.”

With readers and fans all over the globe, Pony Mag is also available digitally and other international locations.

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Horse Magazine Subscriptions for Older Kids (Teens)

Horse & Rider

Horse & Rider magazine is a very popular magazine in the States. With 4 issues every year, it is mainly for the Western rider but, if you ride English, there are still some good tips that you can glean from this magazine.

You’ll get content that includes things like travel, professional training, horse care and how to’s among many other things.

horse and rider magazine

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Another super cool aspect of this magazine is that Horse & Rider has launched an on demand training video series called, H&R On Demand. It is also subscription based and is purchased separately from the magazine, where you can learn from top professionals in the Western world to help train your horse.

Horse & Rider has 2 podcasts, The Ride Podcast, and Ask Annie Podcast, that you can tune into and listen. Overall, Horse & Rider is the perfect choice for any horse crazy kid, or adult for that matter! The best part is that it is available in Canada and further internationally.

Horse Illustrated

Horse Illustrated is truly the all around horse magazine. From English to Western, lifestyle to training, horse care to fun, this magazine covers it all. And we can’t forget the most important part is that it is all about the horse, so you will find information about the horses themselves. Horse Illustrated has a lot to offer for any reader, and is enjoyed by many.

Horse illustrated is also the parent magazine for Young Rider, so you can be sure that it is good.

Horse Illustrated Magazine

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If you are considering either or both of them, we suggest that you go ahead and get both. With 10 issues every year, you will be sure to find content that is always relevant to the time and the season. So if you have a horse-obsessed kid then this magazine will definitely be sure to please.

In another country? Don’t worry, when we say that they have thought of everything, they have and this magazine is available in Canada and Internationally.


Now, here is a magazine that is perfect for everyone, especially those multi-disciplined riders. Geared specifically to the horse, Equus provides information mostly on, well, the horse. Equus magazine calls itself the horse owner’s resource, and that it is a must read for people dedicated to their horses and the equestrian lifestyle.

Equus Magazine

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They are partnered with the American Association of Equine Practitioners, so you can be sure that you are getting the latest in veterinary science.

Equus magazine focuses on topics such as behavior, horse care and health, riding, etc. There is also Equus Extra, a free bi-weekly report on the most relevant horse health topics that is delivered straight to your email inbox.

But if you think it stops there we have to tell you friends, it does not. Equus also has videos and quizzes on their websites and podcasts that you can listen to on demand. Beyond the Saddle, 3 Things from Equus, and Equus Barn Stories are the podcasts that you can choose from, or you can listen to them all.

With all that said, if you choose this magazine you can expect 4 issues a year of content that is relevant to the time and season. Another perk is that this magazine is available in Canada and internationally.

Sidelines magazine

Considered the People’s magazine of the horse world, Sidelines magazine is quite different from the other horse magazines on the market. With the tagline, “for horse people, about horse people,” one can get a glimpse of what you will find in the magazine.

Its focus is on the people and personalities in the horse world.

Sidelines Magazine

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With the people you will meet on the pages in this magazine, Sidelines wishes to bring their reader closer to the people that are in the horse world. Equestrians of all different backgrounds AND ages can be found within the pages of this delightful publication. The photos are glamorous, which gives the magazine a posh and sophisticated air.

With a magazine such as this one, you will be able to keep up with the latest news and happenings amongst the riders around the world. And if you live in another country, you will still be able to subscribe because this magazine is also available in Canada and internationally.

Practical Horseman

This magazine is perfect for the English rider or wannabe. Whether you’re a professional, amateur, or beginner, Practical Horseman is for anyone despite their age and riding ability. It is full of information on horse care, training, competition and so much more.

It doesn’t stop there—with their Practical Horseman Podcast you can tune in for more.

Practical Horseman Magazine

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Also, there is Practical Horseman Extra, a free digital issue that provides more content that you won’t find in the magazine. Practical Horseman is also partnered with other groups and organizations like Hope in the Saddle and A Home for Every Horse.

And if you visit the Practical Horseman website you will find among all of the articles and resources, videos that you can watch by David O’Connor and Frank Madden. With so much to offer, Practical Horsemen’s got the English rider covered. And of course, this magazine is available in Canada and internationally.

Your Horse magazine

Your Horse is a very interesting and unique publication. This magazine is geared toward anyone whether you are just a horse enthusiast, a beginner rider, even all the way to the seasoned professional. Now we said this magazine is unique because it is the only magazine that is dedicated to hacking and the non-competitor.

If you are not sure what hacking is, it is the English equivalent of a trail ride. You can see them promoting this often overlooked aspect of riding with the Hack 1000 Miles pledge, if you want to learn more about this pledge click here.

Your Horse Magazine

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And if that wasn’t enough, the Your Horse website is packed with articles on gear, riding and training tips, horse care, and confidence in the saddle and around horses.

Your Horse also hosts competitions or giveaways where you can win great prizes. With 13 issues a year, Your Horse magazine will be sent to your mailbox every four weeks. Don’t live in the UK? That is totally fine, this magazine is also available to Canada, North America, other European countries, and internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best horse magazines for beginners?

A: Really, any of the above magazines would be great for beginners. But if you are looking for easy to digest content that could be understood by the complete beginner then we would suggest to you Young Rider, Horse Illustrated, Pony Mag, or Your Horse.

These publications are not strictly one discipline specific, so if you’re a beginner then these magazines will give you content that will expose you to different types of riding.

Q: What age should a child start horse riding?

A: There are many equestrians that have been in the saddle basically while in the womb because their mom rode while she was pregnant. Others since toddlerhood, still more as a little kid, and even some as a tween.

Helpful advice for what age a child should start horse riding can be found in the United States Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship Basics for Beginners D Level Manual. It is quoted as saying that “according to Dr. Doris Bixby Hammett of the American Medical Equestrian Association, to be ready to ride, a child should have the following:

  • An interest in ponies and the desire to ride and learn
  • Enough muscle strength to maintain a safe and balanced position, and neck muscles strong enough to support properly fitted protective headgear
  • The balance to stay on the pony in motion
  • The ability to understand instructions and follow directions
  • A long enough attention span for instruction.

So keep those guidelines in mind when considering what age your child may be ready to start riding.

Q: Is 15 too old to start horse riding?

A: 15 is never too old for riding! One of the coolest things about horseback riding is that it can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their age. Even though there are those who think it is best to start riding as young as possible, be reassured that it doesn’t really matter when you start. I (Emily) started riding at 17.

There were plenty of people who told me that starting late was fine. But, even with all the positive reassurance, there were those who bred worry because they viewed my “late start” like I needed to catch up with the average equestrian peer. It is easy to fall into the mindset that if you are older when you start riding, then it is a late start.

But really that is not the case, you can start anytime. Many people have started “late” and have excelled in equestrian sports. So the important thing is to just get started.

Who publishes Horse Illustrated?

Horse Illustrated is a popular magazine for horse lovers that is published by EG Media LLC. Expect a combination of articles focused on all aspects of horses and riding, from health and wellness to training tips and lifestyle issues.

EG Media also publishes the youth version of Horse Illustrated, better known as Young Rider. This magazine offers great tips, tricks, and advice for new and beginning horse lovers.

Horse Illustrated offers a range of subscription options, including print, digital, print and digital, and a single issue. You can subscribe for one to three years of issues (10 per year) at a time.

How often is Horse Illustrated published?

Horse Illustrated is published 10 times a year. January/February and November/December share an issue, with the other months all getting a single issue.

If you’re craving a bit of horsey advice in between issues, Horse Illustrated also has a website/blog that includes some articles.

Articles are organized by topics like Riding and Training or Horse Breeds, and they even run a weekly poll.

The magazine online also has a news section, which is perfect for horse lovers looking to keep up with the latest events and happenings.

Parting Thoughts

It may seem that with the world going digital, that a magazine is becoming outdated. But in truth it is not. The print copy is enjoyed by many especially younger readers. We love magazines and we are always looking out for the next issue to arrive in our mailbox.

Also another good perk is that a magazine forces you to read naturally instead of staring at a smart device screen all the time, which is not exactly good for you. It brings you to the here and now, to the present moment, in a tangible way.

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