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best websites about horses

This article is part of our “Rookies Horsing Around” series, guest authored by Emily and Sarah Harris of Sisters Horsing Around.

Information, inspiration, and advice to up-level your equestrian knowledge

Finding places that have reliable, educational content can be hard (beyond Horse Rookie, of course!). There is a ton of information online, but how do you know what is the RIGHT information? There will always be questionable content due to outdated practices, new studies, new technology, updated rules, etc.

That is why it is important to find information from a credible source that is updated regularly. Sometimes you can find the rare jewel piece of information on the least-trafficked websites. But if you don’t want to have to fact-check the sources all of the time and checking publication dates, here is a list of websites that produce content that you can count on.

Horse Illustrated

Horse Illustrated, the magazine for horse lovers, has a website that is chock full of educational content. There are all kinds of articles covering a wide variety of subjects, such as horse breeds, horse ownership, riding, training, horse care, tack, and more!

horse illustrated magazine

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This publication has a newsletter, hosts a podcast, features a classified section with horse breeder information, as well as a tack shop section that features equestrian products. Even if you are not already subscribed to the magazine, you can enjoy a TON of information on their website to learn more about horses.

The Horse

The Horse is an all-breed, all-discipline equine informational site that provides extensive and detailed information covering a variety of subjects like health, care, management, and welfare. In addition to the website there is the magazine, newsletters, videos, podcasts, reports, and so much more that you will certainly get your fill of content.

Plus, this site partners with several veterinary organizations and provides resources through Pony ClubIQ for Pony Club members.

The Spruce Pets

The Spruce Pets is a website that not only has equine information, but also information on lots of other animals. Those who write for this site include trainers, registered vet technicians, doctors of veterinary medicine, and freelancers that are knowledgeable in their fields.

Topics  include getting started, horse breeds, health and wellness, nutrition and food, riding, and stables and supplies.

Horse & Hound

We could not go through this article without providing at least one internationally based website. Horse & Hound calls themselves “Britain’s Equestrian Bible,” and they provide news, events coverage, and in-depth reports from top writers across all the major equestrian disciplines in the UK.

horse & hound magazine

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And, if that wasn’t cool enough, they are the UK’s “only weekly horse magazine.”

Chronicle of the Horse

First started in 1937, Chronicle of the Horse is the leading provider in national and international horse sport news. But it doesn’t stop there. Their website is packed full of information from horse care to horse sports, news to lifestyle, and other interesting extras.

And there is the magazine subscription! When you subscribe, you not only get the Chronicle of the Horse magazine, you also get the UnTacked magazine. What are you waiting for?

Horse Network

Horse Network covers a ton of topics such as horse health, news, sports, lifestyle, etc. Not to mention, they host horse podcasts and HN Watch, where you can stay updated with the latest news in the equestrian world.

If you are concerned that Horse Network might be too technical for you, don’t worry. Horse Network publishes content that can be enjoyed by horse lovers, athletes, equine professionals, hobbyists, dreamers, and interested admirers alike.

Horse Rookie

Of course, we could not go through this list without naming our host, Horse Rookie! With the tagline “Knowledge is Horsepower,” Horse Rookie is home to a wealth of knowledge and resources. With topics covering everything from the basics on up, you can be sure to find information on horse care, riding, apparel, tips, gear, and so much more.

There are also resources that are available to you like expense reports, horse courses, guides, and horse quizzes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best horse book for beginners?

First you need to decide if you are looking for a beginner book on horses in general, or a beginners book for horseback riding. Once you know which one you want, it makes it easier to decide.

Our favorite beginner book for horses in general is “The Complete Book of Horses” (which actually was our very first horse book) and “Horses for Dummies.” A very good beginner rider book would be the “United States Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship, Basics for Beginners D Level” book. Whether you are an english rider or a western rider, you will be able to learn enough to get you started.

US pony club manual

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What are some other horse learning activities?

There are a lot of things you can do to grow in equine knowledge. You can join an equestrian club or organization. You could audit or participate in a clinic. You can watch videos of the best riders, trainers, and horse show judges. You could scribe for a judge or you could go to a horse show with a knowledgeable friend or trainer.

Or, browse through our library of 60+ online horse courses!

What are the best fiction books for equestrians?

Everyone is different and will have preferences. Considering the reading level—are you getting a book for a beginning reader? Are you looking for a book for a young adult?

Here are a few of our favorites across the reading levels:

Parting Thoughts

We do a lot of reading and research, and we know how frustrating it can be to find good solid information. Whether you crave knowledge and find yourself binge reading, or you loathe studying and get bored pretty quickly, you will find a website on our list that will fit your preferred learning style. These sites have helped us a bunch, and we hope that you will find them equally helpful!

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