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9 Pieces of High Tech Horse Gear Anyone Can Master

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Written by Holly N.

Your Equine Gadget Guide

New gadgets, apps, and wearables can make your equestrian life easier and safer. They can also help optimize your horse’s performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Horse technology is developing faster now than ever before, which means more opportunities for you—if you can keep up with the latest innovations. We’re here to help you do just that. Keep reading to learn about our favorite high tech horse gadgets!

Equine Technology 101

Equine technology encompasses everything from safety stirrups to hi-tech motion sensors that analyze your horse’s performance.

Some tools help to keep you safe when riding alone, while others keep an eye on your horse’s vital statistics when you’re not around.

High Tech in the Saddle

Horse gadgets can provide everything from a little extra safety to valuable insights into the intricacies of your horse’s movements and performance.

Whether you opt for one of the best horse riding body protectors or a clever little device like SaddleClip, which monitors your horse’s strides, technology can take your riding experience to a new level.

There’s an App for That

If you don’t want to invest in the latest physical gadgets, why not install a new app instead?

There are excellent horse-related apps designed to improve rider safety, provide world-class training tips, and even monitor your horse’s vital statistics while you’re sleeping.

They typically don’t cost a fortune, and they could even save you money by identifying potential health problems before they require veterinary intervention.

Cell phone

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Horse & Rider Wearables

Wearable technology is one of the fastest-growing fields and one of the easiest to incorporate into your equestrian life.

Small electronic gadgets worn by the horse or rider can track your horse’s movements, tell you how many calories you consume riding each week, or notify someone if you have an unplanned dismount while out on a solo trail ride.

Horse and rider wearables offer a range of benefits, from improved safety to detailed information about your horse’s health and performance.

Trail riding

Photo Cred: Canva

Best Gadgets for Horse Owners

The best gadgets for horse owners are those that add value, enhance safety, or simplify your horse care regime.

With new products appearing all the time, it’s tricky to keep up-to-date with all the latest developments, so we’ve come up with a few highlights to get you started.

Category Product Price Point You’ll Love It If:
Highest-Tech Helmet Trauma Void EQ3 Smooth Helmet $$$ You want the ultimate in safety without compromising on style
Safest Stirrups Acavallo Arena AluPro Safety Stirrup


$$$ You want to avoid being dragged after a fall or tricky dismount
Best App for Riders Equilab $ Turn your phone into a gadget to track your rides and stay safe while riding alone
Best Health Gadget for Horses NightWatch $$$ You want to monitor your horse 24/7 to prevent injury and illness
Best Wearable Tech for Riders Equinetrac $$ You want a small sensor to ride alone safely and with confidence
Best Wearable Tech for Horses SaddleClip $$$$ You want to monitor your horse’s performance and reduce the risk of injury
Best for Trailer Safety Yakry Wireless Camera System $$$ You want an easy-to-install camera system for your truck & trailer
Best for Recording your Ride Pivo Pod  $$$ You want to turn your smartphone into a camera to track your ride
Best for Rider Safety Hit-Air Inflatable Vest $$$$ You want a high-end safety vest to protect you in case of a fall

$: >100 $$: 101-200 $$$: 201-300 $$$$: 301-400

Trauma Void Eq3 Smooth Helmet

This ASTM-SEI certified helmet has the latest and greatest in safety technology. The lining is removable and washable, and the exterior is easy to clean.

It features MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) technology, which adds protection against rotational motion falls. 

trauma void helmet

Click to see it at State Line Tack


  • MIPS for added protection from rotational falls
  • Excellent impact resistance and absorption
  • Designed for rider comfort and safety


  • Customers mentioned it can get a little warm in hotter temperatures

See it at State Line Tack

Acavallo Arena AluPro Safety Stirrup

These safety stirrups have a pivoting stirrup arm that quickly releases the moment it’s triggered by the rider’s weight. This feature prevents your foot from getting caught in the stirrup during a fall or a difficult dismount.

It also clicks back into place quickly and easily, unlike the traditional hook and rubber band style safety stirrup.

acavallo pro stirrups

Click to see it at Amazon


  • Stress-activated release mechanism
  • One-click re-engagement of pivoting stirrup arm
  • Flexible polymers make the stirrup less rigid, reducing pressure on the rider’s feet and joints


  • Higher price point than traditional stirrups

See them at Amazon


EquiLab offers both a free and premium version of this horse-riding app. The free version tracks your rides, providing insights into your pace, distance, and energy consumption of both horse and rider.

If you want more safety features, the premium version includes safety tracking that enables you to share your location with a chosen contact so they can find you quickly should an accident occur.

equilab app

Click to get the app


  • Free tracking keeps an eye on your distance, pace, and transitions
  • Safety tracking features shares your location with chosen contacts
  • Compatible with both iPhone and Android


  • Can drain your phone battery
  • You must always ride with your phone

See it at the App Store or Google Play


NightWatch is a combination of a small sensor and app that gives you real-time feedback on your horse’s health. The sensor fits snugly into the crown of a halter where it monitors your horse’s heart rate and respiration, activity levels, and geolocation.

That means you’ll know the moment your horse is experiencing any signs of discomfort or distress and attend to him before the problem becomes too serious. It also provides protection against theft.

nightwatch smart halter

Click to see it at NightWatch


  • 24/7 monitoring of your horse’s vital statistics
  • Guards against horse theft
  • Compatible with both iPhone and Android


  • Your horse must wear a halter 24/7

See it at NightWatch


This clever little device attaches to your saddle and detects if you become separated from your horse at any time during a ride.

It then sends a Fall Alert text to your chosen contact, informing them of your exact location at the time of the fall. It also tracks ride time, location, and distance.

equine trac

Click to see it at EquineTrac


  • Informs your emergency contact the moment you fall
  • Provides insights into your horse’s training
  • Advanced safety features, mapping, and ride insights


  • Only compatible with iPhone

See it at EquineTrac


SaddleClip is an equine motion sensor that clips onto your saddle and gathers and analyzes information about your horse’s movements. It provides in-depth insights into your horse’s energy consumption, transitions, and gaits.

It enables you to monitor your horse’s progress, optimize his performance, and minimize the risk of injury.

saddle clip

Click to see it at Equestic


  • Provides detailed insights into your horse’s performance
  • Reduces the risk of injury by detecting stride irregularities
  • Enables you to customize your training according to your horse’s energy and ability


  • Higher price range

See it at Equestic

Yakry Wireless Camera System

This camera system features great customer reviews, a 2-year warranty, and easy installation. The signal has been tested up to 320 feet, which is plenty of range for your rig.

With 2 cameras, you can use one for monitoring activity inside your trailer and another as a backup camera. Plus, this option is fairly affordable when compared to other camera systems.

trailer camera

Click to see it at Amazon


  • Wireless, waterproof, and easy to install
  • Night vision capabilities
  • Includes a 7” display


  • Some customers commented that the display buttons didn’t work well

See it at Amazon

Pivo Pod

Use state-of-the-art AI technology to turn your smartphone into a tool for tracking your ride. The Pivo Pod features horse tracking technology, 360 degree rotation, and auto zoom.

Check out Horse Rookie’s full product review here!

pivo pod silver

Click to shop Pivo Pods


  • More affordable than purchasing a full camera tracking system
  • No need to coerce friends and family members to video your ride
  • Lightweight, easy to assemble


  • Videos can take up a lot of storage space on your phone

See it at

Hit-Air Inflatable Riding Vest

Light-weight and breathable, an inflatable protective vest is a safety-must-have when galloping across cross-country jumps or simply schooling at home.

The Hit-Air vest inflates like an airbag to protect you from injury during a fall. It’s preferred by world-class riders!

hit air vest

Click to see it at Amazon


  • Helps protect vital areas like your spine, neck, and ribs
  • Deploys insanely fast if triggered by the saddle attachment 
  • Tons of ventilation thanks to the minimalist design
  • Can be worn over a traditional body protector or on its own
  • Canister has to be replaced if the vest deploys


  • The canister can feel a bit bulky at first, but you get used to it

See it at Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best horse gadget under $100?

With EquineTrac you can get a whole year’s safety tracking and ride insights for under $100.

Q: What is the safest riding helmet?

The safest riding helmet is one designed for horseback riding, that fits properly, and you will actually wear!

One feature to consider is MIPS—this technology helps protect your head in the event of a rotational fall.

One of our favorite riding helmets is the Tipperary Sportage, which uses the latest technology and materials to provide world-class impact absorption and resistance.

Q: What is the best app for equestrians?

The Equilab app monitors all your training sessions, providing insights into your horse’s performance, speed, and energy consumption. It is suitable for all disciplines and, if you sign up for the premium version, provides safety tracking to boot.

Riding solo in arena

Photo Cred: Canva

Parting Thoughts

There are a wide range of horse gadgets on the market, many of which can simplify elements of your equestrian life, making it easier to keep your horse in tip-top condition.

The best horse gadgets help to keep you and your horse safe, whether out on a trail or tucked up inside a stable.

The latest innovations are helping to change the way we care for and train our horses so we can optimize their performance without compromising their well-being or the safety of the owner.

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