Author - Holly N.

I am Holly, an equestrian enthusiast whose journey with horses began at the age of six in the UK. I’ve ventured from competing in various local events such as showjumping, cross country, showing, and gymkhana to a more serene but equally enthralling role in South Africa. Presently, I reside and ride in the breathtaking landscapes of South Africa, employed as a trail guide at Wild Coast Horseback Adventures.

My fascination lies in several aspects of horse riding, from DIY horse ownership, barefoot horses, endurance riding, to the splendor of South African breeds. Riding along the beaches of the Wild Coast presents a breathtaking experience, offering some of the world’s most picturesque and perfect horse riding countryside.

As the Great Kei River provides passage into rural Africa, sleepy tribal villages and undulating hills await, with cozy hotels nestled along the coast. Exploring the Transkei landscape exposes a kaleidoscope of gaily painted rondavels and a community vibrant with tourism. The adventure is palpable as you encounter exhilarating beach gallops, pristine environments, and awe-inspiring views. Riding through forgotten villages, warmly embraced by the local Xhosa people, shapes an unforgettable equestrian adventure in this rural African wilderness.