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16 Best Cowboy Boots (Men, Women, Fashion, Riding, Work)

Written by Channing M.

These top cowboy boots are designed to make a statement at work, on the ranch, or out about town.

You don’t have to be an actual cowboy to wear cowboy boots. You can be a gal who wants some fantastic footwear for a night of two-stepping. You could be a guy who likes to add tasteful flair to your favorite jeans. Anyone can wear cowboy boots, and our guide helps men and women find the best pair.

Comparing the 8 Best Men’s Cowboy Boots

Men’s Boot Category Summary
Justin Bent Rail Best All-Around
  • Versatile brown and black combo
  • Contrast stitching
  • Riding heel
Dingo Suiter Best Blend of Metal and Country
  • Black pigskin
  • Cushioned comfort insole
  • Decorative hardware
Justin Commander X5 Best Work Boot
  • Steel toe
  • Vibram® Commander-X5™ rubber outsole
  • Ortholite Insole
Tony Lama 3R Waterproof Pull-On


Best Boot for Heading Out After work
  • Orthotic insoles
  • Traditional styling
  • Tough brown leather with flame stitching
Justin Tekno Crepe Round Toe Best Boot to Impress the Locals
  • Ostrich foot
  • Crepe sole, orthotic insoles
  • Great for all sorts of events
Ariat Venttek Ultra Square Toe Best Boot for Riding the Trails
  • Vented upper shaft
  • Odor-resistant silver sock liner
  • Lightweight
Nocona Banker Best Dress Boots
  • As classic as a boot gets
  • Great colors
  • Looks great with everything
Justin 10” Roper Best Boot for the Riding Lessons
  • Easy to wear
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to get on and off

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Comparing the 8 Best Women’s Cowboy Boots

Women’s Boot Category Summary
Ariat Quickdraw


Best All-Around
  • Versatile good looks
  • Lots of colors and patterns
  • Comfort insole
Tony Lama Snip Toe Black Elko


Best Blend of Fashion and Country
  • Dramatic good looks
  • 15” shaft
  • 2 ½” heel
Twisted X All Around


Best Work Boot
  • Rubber sole and toe guard
  • Made for rugged all-purpose use
  • Lightweight
Roper Morning Star Shorty Best Shorty Boots
  • Aztec style stitching
  • Great for casual wear
  • Comfortable
Justin Bent Rail Aransas Best Boot to Impress the Locals
  • Good looks
  • Multi-functional
  • Contrast upper
Ariat Venttek


Best Boot for Riding the Trails
  • Vented upper shaft
  • Lightweight and cooler
  • Silver sock lining
Dan Post Vintage Bluebird


Best Knock-Em-Dead Boots
  • Eye-catching accents
  • Teal-blue upper
  • Vintage style
Laredo Anita


Best Boot for the Riding Lessons
  • Stockman heel is perfect for riding
  • Versatile brown color
  • Cute enough to wear every day

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You Do You

Your needs will, of course, be different from the person next to you who also is trying on boots. Boots for serious riding will be quite different from the ones you might want to pull on for a night out dancing. Your supremely comfortable work boots might not be what you want to wear to a meeting.

Read on for our tips on what the best cowboy boots are for men and women, no matter your lifestyle or activities. From rodeo to Rodeo Drive, you’ll be able to blend in and strut your stuff.



8 Best Men’s Cowboy Boots

Justin Mens Bent Rail Performance Round Toe Black Boots

If you’re looking for a well-made boot that will look good in the saddle, on the dance floor, or out at dinner, the Bent Rail from Justin is a great place to start.


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It’s traditionally styled, and the dark brown foot will blend well with all sorts of looks. The upper has a good-looking contrast stitch color on the black leather – it looks sharp!

This particular boot has a 1 9/16” riding heel, a medium round toe, and a wide size range. The general style of the boot allows enough room for a variety of foot types, and the genuine leather should live up to any activity that you try.


  • Versatile color combination
  • Made in USA
  • Great detailing


  • Some may prefer a one-color boot
  • Riding heel may not be comfortable for a lot of walking.


  • Riding anywhere
  • Any type of outfit
  • Wide feet

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Dingo Suiter Snip Toe Black Boots

For someone who has more rock and roll in their heart than country ballads, the Dingo Suiter model has definite street cred and the hardware to prove it.


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With a durable matte black pigskin upper, it will look great with any color combination, and hold up to scuffs and bumps.

The style has a narrow toe and decorative conchos and chains around the “harness” section at the ankle. This piece is removable, which will leave the boot with decorative silver accents at just the toe and heel.

These soft and slightly slouchy boots should break in nicely – coupled with the cushioned insole, these provide the wearer with a comfortable choice that adds a little bit of character to their look.


  • Soft pigskin breaks in easily
  • Comfort sole and insole
  • Cool silver accents


  • Can run small
  • Only comes in black


  • Nights out
  • Comfort on the streets
  • Secret rockers 

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Comfortable Cowboy Boots

Justin Mens Commander X5

The Commander X5 is a beast of a work boot that combines a list of serious safety and comfort features with a cowboy boot styling.

Everyone from electricians to ranch workers will appreciate the details that have gone into this boot model.

justin x5

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Let’s talk about the actual style and leathers used in this boot, first. The upper is made of Black Onyx goat and the foot is made of Tobacco buffalo – both known to be tough customers when it comes to hard wear.

The color combination has a little more going on than the standard brown work boot, and the contrast stitching on the vamp adds a little traditional flair.

The rest of the boot is all business. Steel toe, Ortholite insole cushions, and a square toe provide support, protection, and comfort. The sole is made of Vibram® Commander-X5™ – a blend that is resistant to heat, oil, and chemicals — all while being electrical hazard rated and meeting ASTM F2413-11, 175, C75 EH safety footwear standards.

It’s non-slip and even looks like it can handle rough work environments with ease.


  • Good looks in a serious work boot
  • Steel toe
  • Super-tough outsoles


  • Might seem wide for more narrow feet
  • The sporty look of outsole might turn off traditionalists


  • Chores around the house or farm
  • Slippery work environments
  • Anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet

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Tony Lama Mens 3R Pull On

Sometimes, you want a good work boot that doesn’t have all the hybrid running-shoe looks, and that will look just as pleasant and traditional as any other good cowboy boot when you’re done with work and heading out to dinner or a date.


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This Tony Lama boot will make everyday guys happy with its composition toe protection, waterproof leather, and oil-resistant rubber sole. The brown grizzly style leather foot and fancy stitching on the shaft look presentable in all types of conditions.

Make no mistake: these are still comfortable for long days at work. The 3R has a removable orthotic insole, as well as a cloth lining and taped seams. They’re designed to be easy to pull on and will keep anyone dry, cushioned, and looking presentable, no matter what the surroundings.


  • Traditional good looks
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable, safe design


  • The shorter top might not work for some longer legs
  • Not an actual steel toe


  • Working guys
  • Traditional tastes
  • Heading out to dinner after a day of work

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Justin Men’s Tekno Crepe Round Toe

If you’re trying to walk the line between street cred and comfort, the look of quality, but not going too over-the-top, it can be a little difficult. This Justin boot will handle all of the above.

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You’ll look comfortable enough to be one of the locals, but the full quill ostrich leather will stand out just enough to indicate that you know good boots.

These are indeed comfortable, durable, made-in-the-USA walking boots with a crepe sole and comfort features on the inside, where it counts. They utilize the brand’s well-regarded J-flex insoles for all-day wear.

These boots are available in either brown or tan ostrich leather, with chocolate brown uppers and flame stitching. The 11” shaft height and round toe will be comfortable for most wearers and will suit just about any activity.

In short: if you’re in a panic about a good overall choice to wear for any occasion, you really can’t go wrong with this style.


  • Ostrich leather foot
  • Neutral colors
  • Comfort features
  • Great overall style


  • A little pricier than some other selections, due to the leather choice
  • Exotic leathers require some extra care 


  • Dressing up
  • Casual wear
  • Events

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Ariat Venttek Ultra Square Toe

For trail riding, we prefer a boot that will allow for time in and out of the saddle – lightweight and comfortable. The Ariat line of footwear has always emphasized the comfort of the rider, and this model is a great combination of features for days out on the trail.


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The 13” shaft will ensure that there’s no rubbing of saddle leathers against your lower leg, while still providing a comfortable height to walk in.

It’s also made of a quality full-grain leather top and bottom that can stand up to sweat, dirt, and the usual substances that are associated with summer days around horses.

This boot also stands out in warm weather. The upper shaft is an innovative design that combines Ariat’s Ventek mesh with leather – allowing for maximum ventilation. The silver sock liner also helps keep the boot odor-free, even in the hottest of conditions.

It has a flexible and tough outsole, a 1.5” heel, and the neutral brown leather will not show stains. All in all, it’s a winner on the long haul.


  • Stays comfortable through all kinds of temperatures
  • Silver sock lining
  • Walking heel for time out of the saddle


  • Upper shaft venting may not look traditional to some folks
  • Could be too light for winter riding.


  • Trail rides
  • Summer wear
  • Hot climates

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Nocona Banker

We’ve selected a classic boot in a great range of colors for anyone looking for a good dress version. Like the western equivalent of a nice wingtip shoe, this Nocona Banker Boot (the name should tip you off about its general style) is ready to go with any outfit — adding a dressy edge to jeans, slacks, or suits.


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The round toe is classic, the finish is softly polished, and the stitching matches the leather. Pulling these on will help you feel put-together, but not flashy.

Let’s talk about color selection. Just like any other dress shoe, it’s good to have the right color available. The Banker comes in Black Cherry, which is black leather with a deep cherry sheen; Tan, which is a golden brown, or the basic Black.

No matter what your choice, it’s a comfortable boot that should last for years without going out of style.


  • Great color selection
  • Classic in every way
  • Durability


  • A safe choice in style is not for everyone
  • Slightly taller heel


  • Formal events
  • Nights out
  • Business meetings

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Justin Roper

Trying out horseback riding with some lessons? They’ll tell you that you’ll need hard-soled boots with a heel – but where do you go from there? We’re going to suggest that you go with something comfortable to slip on and off, easy to maintain, and simple.

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You really can’t go wrong with the eternally classic Justin Roper Boot. They come in a durable Corona Leather that’s easy to keep cleaned up – and the lack of all extra stitching makes it a fast job to spiff them up.

The Roper style won’t cramp your style or your toes, and the walking heel will be great for anytime you spend out of the saddle learning about horse care or helping with stable chores.

Get a pair in one of the available brown shades, and you’ll always look perfectly presentable and competent in the saddle.


  • Simple style
  • Wide size range
  • Comfortable footbed


  • Simple style
  • May run wide


  • Riding lessons
  • Barn life
  • Quick runs to the feed store

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8 Best Women’s Cowboy Boots

Ariat Quickdraw

Ariat set out to create a boot that would look good in the saddle, around the barn, and going out to dinner afterward – their answer was the Quickdraw.

Classic styling, a bit of fancy stitching, and comfort features all combine for an attractive 11” boot that can handle rugged terrain and the steak house just fine, thanks.

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The Quickdraw comes in a great range of sizes and colors. On the fence about a choice? Go with one of the versions that are primarily brown.

If you’re wanting to branch out a little with your boot choice, you’ll be pleased to know that the Quickdraw also comes in all sorts of colors and exotic leather looks.

Underneath, you’ll still have a secure and long-lasting Duratread outsole and a versatile squared toe. Like all Ariat footwear, they’re designed to be comfortable, with an orthopedic insole and a cushioned footbed.


  • Great selection of shaft colors
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Good looks for all sorts of activities


  • Can run narrow
  • Square toe look is not everyone’s taste


  • Riding
  • Daily wear
  • Dinner out

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Tony Lama Snip Toe Black Elko

Cowboy boots have been creeping back into the fashion world, and we’ve been coveting some authentic-but-fabulous footwear ourselves #rookielove.

These black beauties from Tony Lama have both swagger and fine craftsmanship.


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You can tuck in your jeans, wear them with your skirts and dresses, and feel ready to take on the world in these – they have a 15” tall shaft,

A smooth polished black exterior will ensure that they get maximum usage in your boot rotation, and the stitching enhances the overall look without going overboard on the color contrast. You’ll also love the leg-lengthening and elevating qualities of the 2 ½ “ heel.

As a quality boot, it’s also designed to be comfortable and long-lasting.


  • Sleek and tall look
  • Color and finish are classic black
  • Quality workmanship


  • The shaft may be too tall for some
  • Higher heel than many riding boots


  • Fashion statements
  • Big nights out
  • Overall swagger

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Twisted X All Around

As you might guess from the name, the All Around by Twisted X is made to be a rugged-but-comfortable boot for all types of barn and farm duties. They have a low top that helps make them easy to get on and off – but enough of a shaft to handle slogging through mud and muck.


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The rubber sole and toe guard provide protection from all sorts of hard knocks, and they include an XSD composite shank that keeps feet stable in rough conditions.

They’re also set up to keep you feeling good about your work boots – the entire insole is moisture wicking, antibacterial memory foam that can be removed for machine washing. The little details also matter in their looks: Even serious work boots can have a bit of fancy stitching at the toe.

They also have a correct heel for riding, if you need to hop in the saddle.


  • Easy care, including the insoles
  • Practical and safe rubber outsoles and toes
  • Riding heel


  • Can run small
  • Basic brown only


  • Working out in the pasture
  • Mucking stalls (remember, basic brown only!)
  • People who love dry feet

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See why Twisted X also made our list of the 5 Best Boots for Long, Hard Days at the Horse Barn.

Roper Morning Star Shorty

We couldn’t resist picking out a pair of shorty boots in our round-up. A mix of fashion and practicality, shorty style boots combine the best of western boot styling with a comfortable low top and a fun look that can be worn with pants or skirts.


Click to see it on State Line Tack

The Morning Star style will win you over with its versatile chocolate brown color and nifty contrasting Aztec style embroidery on the upper and at the toe.

Beyond the fun details, this boot is both well-made and comfortable. They have a walking heel, all-leather lining, and a cushioned interior. The overall style has a more traditional pointed toe and looks sleek and unique with whatever you pair it with.


  • Cute western styling
  • Comfortable design
  • Unique look


  • More of a fashion boot
  • Leather lining may not be as supportive as some sportier short boots 


  • Everyday wear
  • The dance floor
  • Warmer days

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Justin Bent Rail Aransas

Looking for a sensible, yet respectable, pair of cowboy boots can be nerve-wracking. There’s the need to balance looks with function — you don’t want to go too over-the-top and lose credibility — and you don’t want to look like a total newbie at the rodeo.


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The Bent Rail Aransas style will make you feel confident and has just enough individuality to make you stand out from the crowd.

This model has a 13” shaft that will look great with your jeans tucked in. You might want to do that to show off the details: an ivory white upper that features a ribbon band. Meanwhile, the foot is practical and good-looking, with a square toe and a neutral brown color.

The J-Flex Flexible Comfort System keeps them comfortable for all sorts of activities, and the heel is suitable for riding, too.


  • Sensible heel and rubber sole
  • Great looks and contrasting shaft
  • Classic styling


  • Tall shaft might be too much boot for shorter women
  • White stitching will require some extra care


  • Everyday wear
  • Nights out
  • Events

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Ariat Venttek

Trail boots can be a dilemma. Hot weather, sweaty horse, sweaty rider, and the need to occasionally get off and walk around. Ariat has come up with a great design in their Venttek boots – we loved them for their men’s model, and we also recommend them for women.

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Although the boot has traditional styling, the upper has the Ariat Venttek Mesh alternating with leather – this gives maximum breathability and helps keep the whole boot light.

On the interior, the antibacterial silver sock lining keeps down odors, and the Dri Freeze lining helps regulate temperature throughout. The boot is a neutral brown that won’t show dirt, while the upper shaft insets feature a splash of turquoise color in the mesh.


  • Lightweight but durable
  • Keeps feet as cool as possible
  • Neutral color


  • 12” shaft can be too tall for shorter riders
  • Some may not like the bright accent colors


  • Summer riding and schooling
  • Trail rides
  • Warm climates

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Dan Post Vintage Bluebird

Sometimes, you just want a pair of boots that say “Look at me!”- but, at the same time, they need to stand up to a fair amount of sliding, scooting, and good times.

The Dan Post Vintage Bluebird has both vintage good looks and enough feminine sassiness to get you feeling like the belle of the ball.

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First of all, you’re getting a quality boot with great details. The sanded chocolate brown leather foot has touches of metallic at the toe, and colored inlays. Elsewhere, the shaft features a whirl of bluebirds, flowers, and hearts.

The overall style is classic and the comfort that is built into all Dan Post boots is still there. The heels have a rubber tap, the lining is all leather, and they have the Dan Post Ultimate Flex insole.


  • Unique styling
  • Quality boot
  • 11” shaft looks good on anyone


  • Snip toe style might run a bit narrow for some
  • Can run a half-size large


  • Daily wear
  • Special occasions
  • Rodeos

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Laredo Anita

For your first riding lessons, your instructor will tell you to wear heeled boots. If you’ve not worn cowboy boots before, you can quickly get overwhelmed at how to pick our something that’s appropriate for the riding ring, the barn, and maybe to wear out sometimes.

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The Laredo Anita will set you up for success. It has a low “Stockman” style heel that is perfect for getting in the saddle and for helping out around the barn.

The neutral brown leather is durable and won’t show dirt, the stitching adds a little extra style to the mix, and the comfort features ensure that your feet will stay happy once you’re out of the saddle.

The outsole is designed for comfort and shock absorption, making this a great boot for general wear outside your lesson time. The overall look is great with jeans and casual wear, so you’re likely to add the Anita to your overall footwear rotation.


  • Perfect heel for riding.
  • Versatile 11” shaft fits all heights
  • Classic and versatile look


  • Can run a half-size large
  • The square toe is not universally loved 


  • Riding lessons
  • Trail rides
  • Casual wear

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brand of cowboy boots?

The best brand of cowboy boots for you can depend on your price range, the shape of your foot, and what you’ll be using your boots for. In general, if you look for boots that are made with quality leathers, stitching that is tight and even, and sturdy construction – the shafts should stand up on their own, for example – you’re going to select a quality boot. Try them on, ask others, and you’ll start to get an idea of the brands that are best suited for you.

What are the best cowboy boots for the money?

Much like the best brands, this can depend on your price range and needs. If you’re looking for a boot that will be durable and low maintenance, steer clear of exotic leathers like snakeskin. If you’re looking for something that will last for years, pick out a classic style with leather soles that can be replaced. Go for the best quality you can afford, and pay careful attention to the leather used.

What are tall cowboy boots called?

The very tall boots with shafts of 14” and over are called “Buckaroo” boots.

Browse Buckaroo boots for men on Amazon

Browse Buckaroo boots for women on Amazon

How can I stretch the top of my cowboy boots?

If you need to stretch out the tops of your boots, it will take a few days, but isn’t hard to do. You’ll need a spray bottle filled with a mix of 2 parts water to 1 part 70% rubbing alcohol.

  • Spray a cloth with the mixture, and work it into the boot tops.
  • Put on your boots, and wear them around the house for half an hour to an hour.
  • Repeat until you’ve reached a comfortable fit.

What are the best men’s socks for cowboy boots?

Look for an over-the-calf sock that is designed to be more like a sports sock than a dress shoe sock. Otherwise, just select something that is comfortable and that will fit well inside your boots. Stores that sell cowboy boots will often sell “Boot Socks” that are padded and quite comfortable.

Are hunter boots good for horse riding?

It depends. Most late season hunting boots are heavyweight, waterproof, and insulated to withstand rough terrain and weather.

If you’re going on a hunting trip with horses, then your regular hunting boots should be fine. (You don’t want to be changing boots on the trail.) Just be sure they have a real heel so your foot can’t get caught in the stirrups.

Early season hunting boots tend to be lighter weight hiking boots, and they should also be fine for riding. They should be comfortable with a heel, both of which are important even for short rides.

If you want boots that are suitable for both riding and hunting, here are a few recommendations: 

What are the best cowboy boots for walking?
Comfort is key! Check out our article on the most comfortable cowboy boots for walking.


Before you get lost in the endless aisles of a western wear store, check out our recommendations and see what your lifestyle will dictate.

There are boots for work, play, and even showing off. In the end, the best boot for you will leave you with happy feet and good memories.

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