Author - Channing M.

Hi I’m Shannon Magee! When I’m not diving deep into the world of equine anatomy, physiology, and veterinary care, you’ll catch me immersed in my other passions and hobbies. I’m dedicated to sharing my expertise in equine sciences to educate fellow equestrians, providing them with the necessary insights into their horse’s health and well-being. Moreover, I find tremendous joy in volunteering with retired racehorses, particularly collaborating with New Vocations Racehorse Adoption group to contribute to this noble cause. This work allows me to continue supporting these wonderful animals after their racing careers.

Beyond the stables and educational endeavors, I immerse myself in various activities and interests. I’m an advocate for sustainability and conservation, which led me to pursue Master Gardener and Master Naturalist Certifications. These roles have granted me the opportunity to contribute to environmental preservation and contribute to the well-being of our natural surroundings.

When it’s time for a break, you’ll find me savoring the tranquil vibes of the Gulf of Mexico. I share these blissful moments with my loving husband and our beach-loving lab cross. Nothing beats the serenity of the ocean breeze and the feeling of sand underfoot.

I also have a history working as a Girl Scout riding instructor from long ago, where I shared my passion for riding and fostering a love for horses among young equestrians. It’s been a rewarding journey to have a hand in shaping the experiences of budding riders.

All in all, my life is a beautiful blend of science, nature, horsemanship, and a deep love for animals. I’m thrilled to share my experiences and knowledge, striving to make a positive impact on both the equine world and our natural environment.