Author - Double D Trailers

Double D Trailers has established its mark as a leading provider of customized and innovative horse trailers, extending its reach to every state in the U.S., with several trailers shipped to Canada and exports reaching countries like Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Iceland, Lebanon, and Europe. With a steadfast focus on horse safety and comfort, the company specializes in the design and manufacture of top-tier, custom-built trailers.

Committed to providing equestrians, leisure riders, and those seeking tailored horse trailers, Double D Trailers offers a diverse range of trailers, including models with living quarters, bumper pulls, and goosenecks, each available in various configurations and sizes such as slant load, straight load, forward facing, and reverse.

What sets Double D Trailers apart are their patented technologies designed to ensure safety and convenience for both horses and handlers. Holding patents for groundbreaking designs such as the SafeTack Reverse horse trailer and trademarks like SafeTack®, Z-Frame®, SafeBump®, and SafeKick®, the company emphasizes delivering trailers that go beyond industry standards.

Established in 1994, Double D Trailers began with the realization that customers desired trailers tailored to their unique specifications rather than pre-existing options. This prompted the company to transition from selling other brands to manufacturing their own custom-built trailers. Since crafting their first trailer in 1997, the company has maintained a customer-centric approach, working closely with clients to create their dream trailers, without intermediary dealers.

The driving force behind Double D Trailers is their unwavering dedication to safety. Over the years, the team has addressed safety hazards faced by horses and handlers during transit. By identifying these issues and collaboratively developing solutions with their valued clients, the company continuously innovates and introduces patented technologies aimed at making horse trailering a safer and less stressful experience for both horses and handlers.

At Double D Trailers, safety and reliability aren’t just slogans; they’re principles embedded in the company’s ethos. The team’s relentless dedication to research and development has culminated in proven and patented technologies that exceed industry standards, setting them apart as the only manufacturer with patented technologies backing their claim of building safe and reliable horse trailers.