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Matt Harnacke Inside Scoop (Bio, Horses, Vlog, Fan Quiz)

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Get to Know Equestrian Matt (Mattia) Harnacke

Matt Harnacke is an Italian-Australian dressage rider, international model, and beloved equestrian influencer. If you’re curious about his life with horses (and beyond), you’ve come to the right place!

Think you’re a super fan? Jump down to our Matt Harnacke Ultimate Fan Quiz to test yourself.

Basics & Personal Life

Matt Harnacke is a talented model and dressage rider, and his passion for horses and social media come through strongly in his successful equestrian YouTube vlog.

Though his background is Italian and Australian, he now resides and works in the Netherlands alongside his friend and fellow model and equestrian influencer Jesse Drent.

Matt Harnacke Horse Quote Riding

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Matt Harnacke Horses

Any dedicated follower of Matt’s vlog will already know his herd of horses inside and out. For any Matt Harnacke Rookies out there, though, here’s a quick introduction. 


Chase is undeniably Matt’s “heart horse” and traveled with him from Australia to the Netherlands when he relocated. This warmblood is a talented upper-level dressage horse and fan favorite on his vlog

Matt Harnacke Horse Chase

Matt and Chase tacking up for a ride

Check out this video to get to know Chase: 

Matt Harnacke Vlog Info


When Matt purchased his first stallion and PRE (Andalusian), his vlog fans went crazy! Not only is Emporio stunning and a brilliant representation of the breed, he has a friendly puppy dog personality. 

Matt is excited to train this talented youngster up the levels in dressage.

Matt Harnacke Emporio

Matt and Emporio in the stables after a ride

Check out this video to get to know Emporio: 


After spending time with Jesse Drent’s bigger-than-life mini Macho, Matt decided to purchase a miniature horse of his own. Bear, a silver dapple darling in all respects, is learning lots of tricks and fulfilling his duties as Chief Cuteness Officer.

Matt Harnacke and Bear

Bear exploring the pasture on his first day

Check out this video to get to know Bear: 


Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Matt purchased a second PRE stallion. Tall, light, and handsome, Sureno is a dressage horse from Spain whose sweet and calm personality impressed Matt from day one. 

Matt looks forward to continuing Sureno’s dressage training in the Netherlands.


Matt’s third ride on Sureno

Check out this video to get to know Sureno: 

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Matt Harnacke Horse Quote

Equestrian Influencer

Matt is arguably the most popular equestrian influencer out there, and his authentic and lighthearted approach to social media has attracted more than a million fans and followers. He’s most active on these channels: 

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horse rookie's guide to dressage

Matt Black Collection 

In 2019, Matt rolled out his first collection with Back on Track — a project two years in the making. The Matt Black Collection flew off the virtual shelves, and his own horses served as the product models.

Check out the video below for the inside scoop on how Matt’s collection was leaked prior to public rollout!

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Matt Harnacke Vlog Info

Modeling and Brands

Matt first made his mark in modeling, and he’s since carved out a unique niche as a sought-after model and ambassador for equestrian and fashion brands.

International Equestrian Federation (FEI)

This well-known organization serves as the international governing body of equestrian sports. Check out the video below for an example of one of Matt’s FEI interviews.


Longines is a luxury Swiss watchmaker and sponsor of top-tier equestrian events across show jumping, eventing, and endurance. Check out the video below to see one of Matt’s Longines/FEI partner promotions.

Back on Track

This leading brand creates FDA-approved therapy products for dogs, horses, and people. Matt partnered with Back on Track to launch his own “Matt Black Collection” of equestrian gear.

Check out the video below to see Matt discuss this popular brand.

Dolce & Gabbana

This Italian luxury fashion house was founded by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Check out the video below to see one of their extravagant fashion shows.


This brand is known for the finest Italian clothing, shoes, and fashion and lifestyle products. Their Emporio Armani collection targets a younger audience without sacrificing quality. Check out the video below to see Matt modeling for Armani.

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Matt Harnacke and Jesse Drent

If you follow Matt on social media, you’ll quickly get to know one of his best friends — model, equestrian, and roommate Jesse Drent. They live on a small farm in the Netherlands, where they care for their combined horse herd.

Contrary to online “fanfic,” there is no public relationship between Matt and Jesse beyond friendship. Their shared interests in dressage, horse trick training, vlogging, and modeling have simply made them good friends! 

Want to see this dynamic duo in action? Watch the video below for one of our favorite Matt and Jesse adventures.

Curious to know more about Matt Harnacke’s relationships? He shares his view in this video.

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Matt Harnacke Ultimate Fan Quiz

Matt Harnacke FAQs

Q: What nationality is Matt Harnacke?

Matt was born in Italy, but his family relocated to Australia when he was still a child. His mother’s side is Italian, and his father’s side is German.

Q: Where does Matt Harnacke live?

He spent most of his life in Australia, but he relocated to the Netherlands in 2018.

Learn more about his big move (and transporting his horse Chase) in the video series Chasing the Dream.

Q: How tall is Matt Harnacke?

Matt’s height is approximately 6’2.

Q: What is Matt Harnacke’s net worth?

Matt’s exact financial details are private (as they should be). Various celebrity websites estimate his worth anywhere in the range of $100,000 to $2,000,000, but those numbers have not been confirmed.

At the end of the day, his net worth shouldn’t factor into your decision to follow Matt on social media or respect the career and life he’s built for himself. His personality, humor, and dedication to his horses are what make Matt so popular!  

Q: Where is Matt’s friend Jesse Drent from?

Jesse is from the Netherlands, where he continues to live as Matt’s roommate.

Q: How did Matt Harnacke and Jesse Drent meet?

Matt and Jesse initially met on social media, and their friendship grew from there.

Q: What is Matt Harnacke’s relationship status?

Matt has not publicly discussed having a significant other. As with all social influencers, Matt deals with plenty of speculation about whether he has a partner or is single.

Kindly respect his privacy. If, at some point in the future, Matt shares an update about this topic, we’ll let you know!

Q: What is Jesse Drent’s relationship status?

Jesse has not publicly discussed having a significant other either. If this changes in the future, we’ll update this page.

Q: Does Matt Harnacke have a partner?

Matt and Jesse collaborate frequently on YouTube videos and horse-related events. It’s safe to call them business partners!

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