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An Exciting Announcement from Alta Mira Horsemanship

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Written by Lindsey Rains

Hello, friends!

I’m writing today with some really big news about Alta Mira Horsemanship. If you’ve followed Alta Mira for any amount of time, you know my heart for the wellbeing of horse and rider. My vision for the blog from the beginning was to share the lessons I’ve learned from a lifetime with horses.

What I found since starting Alta Mira over three years ago is that the horse community is far broader, kinder, and unified than I ever imagined. I have never met any of my worldwide equestrian blogging friends in person and yet, this is my family.

Changing Leads

As I got the hang of blogging and marketing, I started yearning to do more in the online space. In February of 2019, I started what has now become Hoof Print Marketing, a marketing agency that specializes in Pinterest management. Over this past year-and-a-half, I came to realize what really goes into running a business, being a solopreneur while also working a full-time job, moving to another state, and buying a house.

The best part of starting my own business is that I’ve gotten to work with friends and role models in the equine industry. Alta Mira took a back seat while I nurtured this small business that grew much faster than I anticipated.

Though my heart for this blog never waned, my time for it did. Yet were it not for Alta Mira, I never would have cultivated these relationships nor had a résumé of online experience needed to dive into this world of online marketing.

What Equestrian Dreams Are Made Of

One of these friends and role models was Nicole, with whom I did a guest post swap nearly a year ago for her website, Horse Rookie. Not only is Nicole a fellow equestrian, but also a killer writer and online entrepreneur (with the cutest fluffy canine sidekick, Squirrel). Her site is unparalleled in content, resources, and a genuine heart for helping out those new to horse riding and horse ownership.

Nicole started Horse Rookie to be a resource to all new horse riders and owners because she, after being a horse rider for over 25 years, bought her first horse, Rem, at age 33. After going through all of her “firsts” of horse ownership, she wanted to give first-time horse owners a welcoming place to learn about horse care, riding, gear, and more.

But she doesn’t stop at information. Horse Rookie is also a place to read about the journeys of incredible equestrians in the industry (check out the “Letters to My Rookie Self”) as well as discover the best of equestrian podcasts and vlogs. She also just kickstarted a community initiative, Braided, to promote diverse representation in the equestrian community. (Seriously, what does she not do?)

Now for the Announcement

While Nicole and I have worked together in various ways since guest posting together, she saw that Alta Mira was becoming more of a pasture pony far too soon. Because of our aligned mission to help the horse community, she offered Alta Mira Horsemanship a permanent home where it can continue to thrive.

So, friends, it is my utmost pleasure to announce that Alta Mira Horsemanship has officially been acquired by Horse Rookie. (Check out the official announcement HERE!) All of the articles have made their way to Horse Rookie, where they’re getting some extra love and attention from the Horse Rookie herd.

To say I’m thrilled is an understatement. To be part of this publication in such a meaningful way is beyond what I ever envisioned when I set out to share my equine experiences in the blogging world. And you can still catch my new articles there as I share my journey through new seasons in this life with horses.

So if you haven’t yet checked out all that Horse Rookie has to offer, get started! There is truly something for everyone.


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I’m Lindsey Rains, the enthusiastic owner of Hoof Print Marketing, a boutique agency tailored exclusively for equestrian businesses. My passion for the equestrian world has driven me to work closely with renowned brands like The Plaid Horse, Savvy Horsewoman, and the fantastic Horse Rookie. Crafting strategies and bringing equestrian-centric businesses to life in the digital realm is where I thrive!