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4 Best Cowboy Boots for Fashion-Forward Infants

infant cowboy boots
Written by Annabelle A.

Cowboy boots for babies? Yep, they exist, and they’re utterly adorable.

No wonder friends and family are drawn to infant cowboy boots when they have a new kid to shop for. It’s hard to imagine a cuter gift for a family who loves horses, or simply loves western wear.

They also make a fun baby shower or new baby gift and are a fantastic choice for family photos or infant portraits.

Summary: Best Cowboy Boots for Infants

  Ideal Age Sole Style Closure Buy Now
M&F All babies Softer Hook & loop See it at Amazon
Roper Older babies & toddlers+ Harder (outdoor OK) Zipper See it at Amazon
Baby Deer Young babies Softer Pull on See it at Amazon
Old West Young babies Softer Hook & loop See it at Amazon

Let’s dig into each of these boot scootin’ cute’in boots!

Key Considerations

Infant cowboy boots are one of the easiest “country style” purchases you’ll ever make.

Choose something that will fit well, support their current mobility, and, of course, look overwhelmingly cute on little feet!

Infant boots are affordable, fun to shop for, and because they are more about style than function, you can’t really go wrong, but there are a few things to consider when choosing your perfect pair.


For older babies who are cruising or walking, consider harder soles that can be worn outside.

For younger babies or indoor only use, softer soles can be a more comfortable choice.

If you’re simply shopping for the “cute factor,” the boot sole will be largely irrelevant.


Do you need a gender neutral option, or are you looking for something particularly cowgirl or cowboy styled?

In our opinion, colors like white, brown, and navy look adorable on both genders!


If you’re shopping for a baby with particularly round legs,* or are hoping to find matching pairs for big sister, it may limit your options.

The variety of designs and closure types mostly come down to preference, but be sure to consider how easy they will be to put on a squirmy baby and how quickly they can be pulled off by a curious older one.

*Who doesn’t love chubby baby legs, though?


Most people shopping for baby cowboy boots want them to look adorable, so search for a pair you love the look of. 

You’ll find the options below have all the fashion elements you love in adult boots, from cute accent stitching to ostrich-esque faux leather. 

Check out our Baby on Board: Guide to Horse Riding While Pregnant for more tips and advice.

Best Infant Cowboy Boots for Girls and Boys

M&F Western Bucker

A classic style western boot with beautiful stitching and a wide variety of color options, the M&F Western Bucker boots are a great cowboy boot option.

The soles offer no-slip grip and flexible surface with slight cushioning for comfort.

Velcro closure makes the size more adjustable for chubby baby legs and side pull loops make putting them on a breeze.

Click to see this cowgirl boot at Amazon

While we have included both a feminine and boyish option, there are several other colors and patterns available if they don’t catch your eye.


  • Multiple color options and styles
  • Soft flexible fabric
  • Grip on sole to prevent slips


  • Soft soles aren’t ideal for wet or hard ground

Where to buy it: Amazon (Pink) and Amazon (Navy)

Click to see it at Amazon

Roper Cowbaby Western Boots

Another stylish option, Roper Cowbaby boots come in a variety of sizes from infant to young child, which means siblings can have a matching pair (so cute!).

The rubber bottoms are flexible enough to be appropriate for young, developing feet, but hard enough to be a great choice for older babies and young toddlers who may be walking outside.

Zipper closures are easy to use and are less prone to issues than hook and loop, but offer less flexibility in calf size, which can be a struggle for babies with chunky legs.

Click to see it at Amazon


  • Large range of sizes
  • Side zipper closure
  • Ideal for outdoor use


  • Calves may be snug on some children

Where to buy it: Amazon (White) and Amazon (Pink)

Click to see it at Amazon

Remember to read our Baby on Board: Guide to Horse Riding While Pregnant for more tips and advice.

Baby Deer WS Western Boot

Baby Deer’s classic boot, available in plain brown or red, is a beautiful gender neutral option for a baby shower gift or a minimalist country look.

A lightly cushioned footbed and comfortable inner lining make these a great choice for young babies and cruisers, but the soft bottoms may not offer enough support for young walkers.

Because it’s catering to a specific developmental stage, these boots come in a limited size range focused on the younger crowd and designed to fit a smaller foot.

Click to see it at Amazon


  • Easy to put on
  • Classic crib shoe design
  • Great option for young babies
  • Gender neutral


  • May slip off of especially active babies
  • Sizes and style are not as suitable for walkers

Where to buy it: Amazon (Brown or Red)

Old West Poppets Boots

A great option for younger babies, these vintage-look real leather boots are a classic style kids cowboy boot with beautiful stitching. Side loops and hook and loop closure make these easy to put on and adjustable for a variety of calf sizes.

Inner lining is breathable for comfort and rubber pads make the soles slip-proof for cruisers.

The leather bottoms offer more protection than some of the other soft bottom options we’ve looked at.

Regardless, they may not be a great choice for older babies or young toddlers looking to spend a lot of time outside playing in wet grass or stomping through puddles.

Click to see it at Amazon


  • Comfortable material for young babies
  • Real leather
  • Adjustable calf fit


  • Not ideal for outdoor use

Where to buy it: Amazon (Multiple Colors)

Yeehaw, Baby!

A perfect gift for any equestrian, farmer, or country-loving family, shopping for infant western boots couldn’t be more fun.

Choose something that will work with their current level of mobility and intended use. Remember, softer soles are better for younger babies and early cruisers, while older babies who may be playing outside might be happier with the support and protection of a harder sole.

With so many cute styles to choose from, you’re sure to find a pair that you love!

Click to shop more infant cowboy boots at Amazon

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