Author - Annabelle A.

I’m Anne Angele, and horses have been an intrinsic part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a bustling environment—my parents managed a vibrant boarding barn, operating an engaging lesson program where the world of horses became a second home to me. While I have owned and shown two magnificent horses, my personal riding time has taken a back seat as I focus on raising a family. Though I don’t ride as much myself these days, I’m devoted to ensuring that the love for horses remains a strong part of our family.

The equestrian passion runs deep in our family; my two sisters were passionate equestrians during their college years. Their experiences and dedication to the sport have been a tremendous source of inspiration for me and my own journey with horses. Now, I’m delighted to see my children following in my footsteps, taking lessons, and getting involved in horse shows. It’s heartwarming to watch them discover the same joys I experienced growing up around these magnificent animals.

I’ve also dabbled in sharing my experiences through writing. I have blogged about the world of horse showing, capturing the essence of what it means to be part of this incredible community. While my own saddle time might have reduced, my love for horses remains undiminished, encouraging me to advocate and share the wonders of the equestrian world through various avenues.

My upcoming plan includes leasing a horse, which feels like a new chapter, rekindling that special connection to riding. The horses have been the heart of my life’s journey, and I’m excited to continue this wonderful adventure, keeping the spirit of equestrianism alive within my family and sharing it with the wider community.