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Horse Blanket Basics: What’s the Average Size?

Blanketed horse
Written by Natalie Gasper

How to Size for Success

Blanketing—a word that every horse owner and barn manager dreads. How many do I need? What thickness? And, most importantly, what size?

While most horses may wear a blanket between 74 and 82 inches, it’s important to measure your horse to ensure the right fit (too loose or too snug both cause problems). Use a soft tape measure, and go from the center of his chest to the center of his tail. If your horse is between sizes, round up.

Blanket Basics

Blankets keep horses dry and/or warm. If you clip in the winter, your horse will need a blanket to stay warm.

The key to a happy blanketing season? Proper fit.

How does horse blanket sizing work?

Fortunately, blankets have a standard sizing system. Most companies offer sizes ranging from 64 inches to 90 inches, in increments of two inches (64, 66, 68 or 63, 65, 67).

How does sizing differ between blanket companies?

While most companies offer measurements in inches, they don’t always measure from the same points. Always check the manufacturer’s specifications, then measure your horse to those points.

How do you measure a horse for the correct blanket size?

Most companies offer sizes based on measuring from the center of your horse’s chest to the center of his tail. If you can, grab someone to help you. Use a soft (or crafter’s) tape measure.

Don’t pull the tape measure too tightly, and don’t let it hang loose.

Horse blanket too small

Horse blanket that is too small. Photo Cred: Canva

My horse is between sizes – what do I do?

If your horse measures 71, and your choices are 70 or 72, choose 72. It’s better to be a bit loose than a bit tight (you may be able to make it a bit snugger depending on the nature of the front clasps).

Poor fitting horse blanket

Poor fitting horse blanket. Photo Cred: Canva

Average Horse Blanket Sizing

The most commonly sold blanket sizes range from 74 to 80 inches.

How big is the average horse?

Most horses are 14.2 to 16.2 hands tall, weighing anywhere from 800 to 1200 pounds. These measurements vary widely based on breed (for example, draft horses can exceed 18 hands and weigh 2,000 pounds!).

What size blanket does the average horse need?

Many horses will use a blanket between 74 and 80 inches. Ponies or thinner horses will likely go smaller, breeds like warmbloods and drafts will need larger.

Horse in blanket

Photo Cred: Canva

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size blanket does a 15-hand horse need?

A 72- or 74-inch blanket should work, but this can vary widely based on breed. A 15-hand Arabian, a 15-hand Quarter Horse, and a 15-hand warmblood may all be different sizes.

Q: What size blanket does a 15.2-hand horse need?

Somewhere around 75 inches will be the sweet spot (numbers vary based on breed and body type).

Q: What size blanket does a 15.3-hand horse need?

A horse this tall will likely be in the 75-78 inch range.

Q: What is the average Quarter Horse blanket size?

Quarter horses, even shorter ones, tend to need larger blankets because of their thick builds. Here is a great measuring chart.

Horse in blanket in stall

Photo Cred: Canva

Parting Thoughts

Once you’ve got the measurements down, have fun choosing a style and color for your horse. When the blanket arrives, make sure your horse is CLEAN before trying it on (companies won’t accept dirty returns).

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