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7 Best Binge-Worthy Horse TV Shows (Modern & Classic)

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Written by Natalie Gasper

Wondering What to Watch?

If you’re hankering for a good horse show, check out one of these picks from a true-blue equestrian.

Whether you want something family-friendly like Heartland or a gritty, modern Western like Yellowstone, there’s a horse-themed TV show for everyone. Teens will love The Saddle Club and Free Rein, both based on different book series. Got kids at home? Consider Spirit Riding Free, based on the movie Spirit and available on Netflix. Wildfire is a go-to for something a bit heavier, and Mister Ed will have everyone laughing in no time.

Top Equine TV Shows

If there’s one thing people love, it’s watching shows about (or featuring) horses. I mean, what’s not to enjoy? These animals are beautiful, powerful, and versatile. Looking for your next great horse show? We’ll discuss seven choices you’re sure to love.

Category Top Pick
Horse TV Series on Netflix Free Rein
Teenage Horse TV Show The Saddle Club
Horse TV Shows on Amazon Prime Wildfire
Old Horse TV Show Mister Ed
Mainstream Horse TV Show Yellowstone
Children’s Pony TV Show Spirit Riding Free
Overall Horse TV Series Heartland

Best Horse TV Series on Netflix: Free Rein

Free Rein, a family-friendly series, ran for three seasons and centers on the adventures of Zoe and Raven, a horse.

You’ll Love It If:

  • You like shows based on books
  • You enjoy teenage protagonists
  • You want a blend of suspense, friendship, and drama
  • You love a diverse cast

You Might Want to Skip It If:

  • You don’t like British accents

Watch it on: Netflix

Best Teenage Horse Show: The Saddle Club

Teenagers and horses go so well together. If you’re looking for a show teens can relate to, The Saddle Club is the best. It’s based on a book series by Bonnie Bryant.

You’ll Love It If:

  • You like an Australian drama
  • Cute boys + horses = a winning combo
  • You want a show that tackles being a teenager

You Might Want to Skip It If:

  • Teen drama annoys you
  • Unrealistic plot elements bother you

Watch it on: Peacock; Tubi; Amazon Prime

Best Horse Show on Amazon Prime: Wildfire

Wildfire has a darker twist, with its main character (Kris) readjusting to life post-detention center. This show ran for four seasons.

You’ll Love It If:

  • You want all the drama
  • You like main characters with a darker past
  • Underdog to champion stories are your thing.

You Might Want to Skip It If:

  • Inappropriate/illegal behaviors bother you
  • You don’t like horse racing

Watch it on: Amazon Prime; Tubi

Best “Old” Horse TV Series: Mister Ed

The saying “oldie but a goodie” exists for a reason, and the show Mister Ed, which aired from 1961 to 1966, proves it’s true. Mister Ed, a palomino, is a talking horse with a twist: he only speaks to his owner, Wilbur.

You’ll Love It If:

  • Talking horses are cool
  • You love a good laugh
  • You want to see Clint Eastwood

You Might Want to Skip It If:

  • Catchy theme song stick in your head for months (or years)

Watch it on: Amazon

Best Mainstream Horse TV Series: Yellowstone

Want a modern Western that packs a punch and gets better with each new season? Look no further than Yellowstone. This masterpiece follows the Dutton family (headed by Kevin Costner) as they fight by all means to keep their family empire alive in Montana.

You’ll Love It If:

  • You enjoy Westerns
  • Cattle ranches and the rancher lifestyle fascinate you
  • You want a realistic portrayal of horses
  • A top-notch cast and stellar acting are must-haves
  • You want characters to root for (and against)
  • You love a blend of relationships, family drama, and no-holds-barred action scenes

You Might Want to Skip It If:

  • This show is definitely for a mature audience; in addition to incredible horses, it includes violence, drug references, and sexual content not appropriate for younger viewers.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime, Peacock; Paramount Network (new episodes, occasional re-runs)

Best Children’s Pony TV Show: Spirit Riding Free

The only cartoon on the list, Spirit Riding Free is based on the movie Spirit and follows the story of Lucy as she bonds with Spirit, the wild mustang.

You’ll Love It If:

  • You enjoy cartoons
  • You loved the movie Spirit
  • Binge watching is your thing (all 8 seasons are on Netflix)
  • You want a positive, feel-good show the whole family can enjoy

You Might Want to Skip It If:

  • Some parents feel this show depicts a lot of dangerous things like foaling and trick riding

Watch it on: Amazon, Netflix

Best Overall Horse TV Series: Heartland

After 15 seasons and counting, has anyone not heard of Heartland? This series, based on the books by Lauren Brooke, follows Amy Fleming, a renowned horse whisperer.

You’ll find everything here, from family drama to relationships and rodeo to showjumping.

You’ll Love It If:

  • You enjoy a mix of horse disciplines
  • You like family-friendly content
  • A wide range of human- and horse-related storylines spark your interest
  • You like watching characters grow and change over time

You Might Want to Skip It If:

  • If you’re new to the show, 15 seasons and counting can be a lot to catch-up with
  • Some of the younger characters (Mallory in the early seasons, Georgie in her first few seasons) can be a bit irritating

Watch it on: Seasons 1-13 on Netflix; UP Faith & Family; all 15 seasons on Amazon Prime

Heartland cast

Photo Cred: Wikimedia

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any other shows like Heartland?

Can’t wait for season 16? Check out these shows:

  • All Creatures Great and Small
  • Free Rein
  • Wildfire
  • McLeod’s Daughters

Q: Is Yellowstone like Heartland?

In some ways, yes. Yellowstone is more mature (18+), but has similar threads. Both feature horses and ranching in realistic ways and each show centers on a strong family with lots of internal and external drama.

Q: Why does Yellowstone portray horses and ranching more accurately than other shows?

Yellowstone is written, directed, and produced by Taylor Sheridan, an AQHA Life Member. Taylor competes in reining and cutting competitions and has incorporated some of the best horses, trainers, and riders in the industry into the show.

He also sent the Yellowstone actors to “Cowboy Camp” in Utah to develop their on-screen riding.

Parting Thoughts

What are you waiting for? Grab a tub of popcorn and start watching your new favorite show!

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