Author - Sarah Harris

Hey, I’m Sarah Elizabeth Harris, the spirited and adventurous younger sister at Sisters Horsing Around, diving into a world where my love for horses meets an adrenaline-fueled thirst for adventure. Through our upbeat equestrian vlog, I aim to bring an element of excitement and creativity to our videos, showcasing the thrill and fun that comes with equestrian life.

With my straight hair and a love for the color blue, I exude a vibrant, firecracker energy that often spills into everything I do, from being a co-founder, entrepreneur, and video creator at Sisters Horsing Around to my roles as a horse owner, rider, and trainer.

I have my fair share of enthusiasm for equestrian pursuits. I’ve earned my USPC certifications in Western, Dressage, Eventing, and Horse Management, and I find immense joy in riding my horses, Genesis and Rowdy, and exploring various equine activities. There’s nothing quite like the exhilarating challenge and adventure that comes with horsemanship.

While my focus might not span as wide as my sister Emily’s cup of responsibilities, I channel my passion and creativity into every aspect of Sisters Horsing Around. It’s about infusing that spark and epic vibe into our videos, sharing the joys and challenges of equestrian life in a way that excites and inspires our audience. Whether it’s the thrill of a new riding experience, the challenge of training, or the enjoyment of simply being around horses, my journey at Sisters Horsing Around is about embracing the essence of adventure and the joy of equestrian pursuits.