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Fungus Free: Easy Homemade Remedies for Horse Thrush

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Written by Natalie Gasper

Tackling Thrush with Homemade Solutions

With spring comes mud, any equestrian’s worst nightmare. Not only does mud mean dirty boots and muddy horses, but it can also lead to thrush. Horses who don’t exercise, experience prolonged lameness, or stand for long periods in water or mud are the most prone.

Thrush is a fungal and bacterial infection of the frog. It can be treated by trimming the frog, keeping the area dry, and applying a daily treatment for one to two weeks. There are several successful home remedies for thrush, including apple cider vinegar.

If caught early, thrush is usually minor and can be treated successfully at home.

Thrush: What Is It?

Thrush is a fungal and bacterial infection of a horse’s frog or the V-shaped spongy tissue that’s attached to the hoof wall (you clean around the frog every time you pick your horse’s feet). You can learn more about thrush here.

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Preventing Thrush in Horses

Keeping your horse’s hooves dry helps, as does daily exercise. If your horse is prone to thrush, you can always apply a daily preventative (a gentle solution like half bleach to half glycerin works well).

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Traditional Thrush Treatments

When treating thrush in horses, a farrier or vet will trim the frog (to help eliminate any hiding places for bacteria), then soak the hoof in chlorine and have you use iodine until the infection clears.

There are many different thrush treatments available commercially.

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Homemade Thrush Remedies

While there are tons of options available to purchase for thrush treatment, you don’t necessarily need to rush off to the tack store.

There are lots of homemade remedies available to treat thrush in horses.  You may already have some of the necessary ingredients at home!

Why consider a homemade remedy for thrush?

Thrush is usually a minor condition that can be treated at home. A combination of bentonite clay (cleans and detoxes), copper sulfate powder (a fungicide), and diatomaceous earth (mineral-rich and draws out moisture) can be effective.

Can you effectively treat thrush with a homemade remedy?

Absolutely! Most cases of thrush can be treated with a homemade remedy. Expect results in seven to fourteen days.

Can you treat thrush with apple cider vinegar?

Yes! Soaking a hoof in apple cider vinegar can help cure thrush.

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When should you call your vet for help with thrush?

If you don’t see any results within a week or if the thrush starts to spread, call your vet or farrier right away as there may be an underlying issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are instant remedies for thrush?

Unfortunately, there are no instant remedies for thrush. However, most at-home remedies are easy to make and apply.

Q: What can I put on my horse for thrush?

Thrush Buster is a common product you can find in most tack stores. Homemade options include a fifty-fifty mixture of iodine or bleach and water, soaking the hoof in apple cider vinegar, and essential oils (like Tea Tree oil).

Q: How do you get rid of thrush in horses fast?

At the first sign of thrush, make sure you thoroughly clean your horse’s hooves and keep him somewhere dry (either in a small or in a dry field). Apply your choice of treatment daily.

Q: Is hydrogen peroxide good for horse thrush?

Yes! Thoroughly clean the hoof, then apply hydrogen peroxide to a cotton swab and wipe the area several times.

Q: Is Epsom salt good for thrush in horses?

Epsom salt can’t treat thrush, but it’s great for drawing out infections. Soak the hoof in Epsom salt, then allow the hoof to dry before applying your choice of antibacterial/antifungal treatment.

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Parting Thoughts

Thrush might look and smell nasty, but treating thrush is a breeze. With thrush, prevention goes a long way, so make sure to keep your horse in shape and on dry ground as much as possible.

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