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10 Best Safety Stirrups for Adults (Uses, Features, Reviews)

Written by Susie W.

As adults, we may not be as agile as we once were in the saddle. But that’s no reason to slow down our equestrian pursuits. No matter your age, experience, or preferred riding style, there are safety features that can add to your peace of mind while in the saddle.

Using safety stirrups (like the popular FreeJump model) helps you focus on what really matters – enjoying your horse – while ensuring an unexpected dismount doesn’t end in disaster!

In this article, we discuss the 10 best safety stirrups for adults:

What is a Safety Stirrup?

Horseback riding comes with inherent risk, but you can mitigate that risk with a few simple precautions.

One popular decision is to use safety stirrups that allow your foot to easily release from the stirrup in an emergency.

There are many brands and styles available. Although primarily designed for English saddles, Western riders have growing safety stirrup options, too.

In a worst-case scenario, when a rider has an unexpected dismount, their foot can become trapped in the stirrup–even if they are wearing boots with a heel.

The rider can be dragged if this happens, but not if they’re using safety stirrups. Safety stirrups utilize various safety mechanisms that prevent the foot from becoming trapped in the stirrup.

There are several different ways safety stirrups eliminate the risk, and each stirrup has its own pros and cons.

Rider preference and budget will dictate which safety stirrup is ideal for you.

No matter which model you choose, make sure you get the right size. Your safety stirrups should be one inch wider than your boot–the same as a regular pair of stirrups.

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The Best English Safety Stirrups

FreeJump SOFT’UP PRO Irons

These stirrups combine innovation and safety. They are the result of ten years of research and development with top riders, including Rodrigo Pessoa, and epitomize the latest in stirrup technology and safety.

FreeJump stirrups entered the market in 2012 and are used by top Olympic riders from around the world.

Click to view FreeJump safety stirrups, one of the most popular models, on Amazon


  • Outside branches are flexible and open backward, like elastic band safety stirrups.
  • Provide better leg position while pointing the toe inward.
  • Offer incredible grip in the tread, similar to mountain biking tread.


  • Expensive stirrup option (but you get what you pay for).
  • It’s recommended to purchase the FreeJump Stirrup Pockets to prevent scratches to your saddle when stirrups are stored after riding.

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Acavallo Arena AluPro

If you want all the safety and grip of FreeJump stirrups with a more classic design, we’ve got the perfect solution. 

Acavallo Arena AluPro safety stirrups combine sleek styling, superior traction, and a low-profile safety release arm in case of emergencies.

Click to see them at Amazon


  • Classic style looks great whether you’re schooling or competing on the flat or over fences. 
  • Large footbed with stainless steel cheese grater stirrup pad keeps your feet where they belong.
  • Intentional off-center footbed relieves hip, knee, and ankle tension.
  • Go with black or silver for versatility, or spice things up with one of their brighter colors.
  • 100% Italian-made composite injected high-tech resin holds up to daily use.


  • Higher price tag than some of the other options on our list, but quality justifies the cost.
  • Cheese grater foot pads can scratch your leathers if you’re not careful putting stirrups up and down.

Read my detailed review of the Acavallo Arena safety stirrups.

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MDC Super Sport Stirrups

Improve your equitation while ensuring your safety with the MDC Super Sport Stirrups.

Your leg, calf, and foot position are improved, reducing pain, and fine-tuning your equitation.

Click to see it on Amazon


  • Aluminum tread provides greater traction. This is the only stirrup in the world that features aluminum tread.
  • Traditional show ring look.
  • Stirrups can be set in three positions: traditional, 45 degrees, or 90 degrees.


  • The safety feature of these stirrups is that they are wider, with greater tread. This reduces the chance of your foot getting caught but doesn’t eliminate the risk entirely.
  • More expensive than other safety stirrups.

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Tuff Rider Stainless Steel Peacock Stirrups

Peacock stirrups are one of the original safety stirrups and have been on the market for years. These stirrups have an elastic band on one side, replacing the metal branch on the outside of the stirrup.

In the event of an unplanned dismount, the elastic pops off and releases the foot. (Replacement elastics are available for only a few bucks.)


Click to see it on State Line Tack


  • The rubber pads in the bottom of these stirrups provide extra grip on the stirrups.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Stainless steel stirrups are durable and won’t rust.


  • Make sure the rubber band faces away from the horse when you’re riding so it doesn’t pop off and hit the horse, potentially spooking it.
  • Attaching the rubber bands can be challenging–they’re pretty tight.

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EquiRoyal Safety Stirrup Irons

Do you want safety with a classic, stylish look? The EquiRoyal Safety Stirrup Irons are for you.

These provide the same safety with a discreet look in the curved frame of the stirrup.


Click to see it on State Line Tack


  • Sculpted outer edge of the stirrup iron allows the foot to easily slide out.
  • These stirrups have no moving parts to break off.
  • Attractive stirrup that discreetly provides added safety.


  • Only available in 4 ½ inch stirrups.
  • The sculpted outer edge means your foot can slide around in the stirrup more while riding.

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Foot Free Safety Stirrup Irons

These also offer the classic equestrian look with a little bit of added safety.

Many riders who become frustrated with Peacock Stirrups switch to the Foot Free Safety Stirrup.


Click to see it on State Line Tack


  • Stainless steel and durable.
  • One-piece design with curved outer edge.
  • Feel like standard stirrups in weight and positioning.


  • The pads in the stirrup don’t offer much grip.
  • Stirrups must be correctly placed on the left and right.

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Royal King Metal Endurance Stirrups with Leather Guard

Go big or go home? There’s no way your foot is getting trapped in these endurance stirrups with a cage over the toe.

Although the look may be a bit intense, you’ll soon realize why so many endurance riders swear by them.

Click to see it on Amazon


  • Cage prevents the foot from going through the stirrup.
  • Deep footbed has shock-absorbing features for hours in the saddle.


  • You can’t run your stirrups up after a ride and have to place them over the top of the saddle instead.
  • Multiple bolts and screws hold these stirrups together and should be checked routinely for wear and tear. The bolts and screws can also occasionally rub the foot or shin.

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HORZE B Vertigo Aluminum Magnetic Safety Stirrups

HORZE B Vertigo Aluminum Magnetic Safety Stirrups feature a magnetic mechanism that will release your foot the moment pressure is applied.  

Sporting a classic look, these aluminum stirrups allow for greater maneuverability while the extra wide anti-slip footrest gives you extra traction and control.

Click to see it on Amazon


  • Magnets hold the quick-release mechanism in place until pressure is applied, at which point they pop open, releasing the rider’s foot
  • Wide footrest provides extra comfort and traction.


  • You may need to oil the quick-release mechanism to prevent it from squeaking and creaking! 
  • Quick-release mechanism must be positioned away from the horse if it’s to operate effectively.

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Coronet Fillis Peacock Safety Stirrup Irons with Pad

These Coronet Fillis Peacock Safety Stirrup Irons are simple, yet reliable. They come in a range of sizes and can be adjusted for a snugger fit by twisting the leather loops and rubber bands. 

Made from stainless steel, they’re durable and long-lasting, making them excellent value for money.

Click to see it on Amazon


  • Elastic bands and leather loops are inexpensive and easy to replace.
  • Durable and long-lasting.


  • The metal hooks that the elastic bands attach to can get hooked on clothing while dismounting or mounting.
  • Elastics wear quickly and need replacing regularly to ensure optimum safety.

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The Best Western Safety Stirrup

Tough-1 EZ Out Safety Stirrups

Here’s an option for our Western riders. Tough-1 EZ Out Stirrups offer a traditional look with added safety.

Click to see it on Amazon


  • The side of the stirrup opens in the case of a fall to release the foot.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and classically “Western” style.
  • The rubber grip tread adds stability and keeps your feet from sliding around.


  • A bit heavier than some traditional Western stirrups.
  • May run too large for young adult riders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best dressage stirrups?

The MDC Super Sport Stirrups are more than just classically beautiful. They also help improve your leg, calf, and foot position — especially for riders who tend to angle their toes too far outward (i.e. duck feet).

You can set your stirrups to traditional, 45 degrees, or 90 degrees based on your personal preference. Plus, the MDC design helps reduce pain ankle and knee pain and improve your equitation.

Q: What are the best stirrups for leg position?

The answer to this varies based on the type of leg position issues you struggle with. 

Q: What are the best endurance stirrups?

A caged stirrup is your best bet, so go with Royal King’s endurance stirrups.

You won’t have to worry about your foot slipping through the stirrup, and the shock absorption features ensure you stay comfy for long hours of riding.

Q: What are FreeJump stirrups?

FreeJump stirrups are a newer brand of safety stirrup that was created after intensive research and development, including work with professional riders.

They provide better equitation, stabilizing the rider’s leg position, outstanding grip, and the safety features made popular by the peacock stirrup.

Q: How do FreeJump stirrups work?

In the event of an unplanned dismount the outside branch of the FreeJump stirrup releases backward thanks to three small holes in the branch, freeing the rider’s foot.

While riding, the stirrups provide superior grip for the foot, and point the toe inward, giving you a more secure ride.

Q: Are FreeJump stirrups worth the money?

Yes! After 10 years of research and development, as well as the seal of approval from top riders such as Rodrigo Pessoa, these stirrups should improve your ride and safety in the saddle.

Expect to see them more as Olympic and world-class riders are adopting them, and riders at all levels begin using them regularly.

Q: What are oxbow stirrups used for?

Oxbow stirrups have a rounded bottom when compared to the flat-bottomed bell stirrups used by Western riders.

Oxbow stirrups are often used by riders on bucking horses or young horses and in cutting and barrel racing because the shape allows feet to more easily slide in and out of the stirrups.

Q: How are stirrups measured?

Stirrups are measured by the diameter of the opening for the foot. This area is also called the tread and is measured from one branch of the stirrup to the other.

Q: What size stirrups do I need?

Your stirrup size should be the width of your boot plus one inch. If you don’t have a ruler or measuring tape handy, try placing your foot in the stirrup, and make sure that you can fit your index finger on either side of your foot.

Q: What are the best stirrups for children?

There are two things to look for when choosing stirrups for a child: the stirrup’s size and its safety features. Most stirrups designed for adults are too large for a child’s foot, increasing the chance of the child’s foot sliding through.

Peacock safety stirrups are a popular choice and are likely what you picture when you think of a stirrup. There is a rubber band on the outside, designed to release easily in case of a fall or accident.

Covered toe stirrups are another common choice, as the cage design prevents foot slippage and they are easy to pick up when mounting (or if lost while riding).

Q: Who invented safety stirrups?

The Western safety stirrup was invented by Timothy J. Harvey and Robert Oaks, in 2012, while the first English safety stirrup only emerged in the last 20 years or so.

Mike McCoy invented a Western breakaway stirrup in 1989, inspired by hearing about the death of a young rodeo rider who was dragged to death.

While stirrups have been around for about 1,300 years, designing them with safety in mind is a relatively recent phenomenon.

Q: What are the best safety stirrups?

The best safety stirrups fit your foot correctly, easily release your foot in the event of an unplanned dismount, and improve your comfort in the saddle.

We all have our personal preferences, and the most important thing is to choose a safety stirrup that’s right for you, your horse, and your riding goals!

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