Author - Susanna W.

Hey there, fellow horse lover and outdoor enthusiast! Horses have been my rock since day one. From my early days in 4-H to the college equestrian team, these majestic creatures have always been my passion. Riding Quarter Horses has been my gig for over two decades, snagging a few wins at the esteemed Quarter Horse Congress along the way.

But hey, life’s not all about the saddle. For seven years, I’ve delved into the world of horse feed and nutrition. It’s not just a job; it’s a true passion. Taking care of these beauties, ensuring their health and well-being, that’s where my heart’s at.

And let me tell you, senior horses? They’re my soft spot. Their wisdom and connection are invaluable, and I’m all about making sure they’re living their golden years to the fullest.

Based out in the stunning Front Range, my gig, Bottomless Backpacks, is all about embracing and protecting the outdoors. It started with sharing our outdoor adventures and expanded into a boutique outdoor shop. We’re all about offering cool, customized gear from some of our favorite brands, specializing in accessories and unique gifts that make your outdoor experiences even more amazing.

So, whether it’s horses, exploring the great outdoors, or finding the perfect gear for your adventures, I’m here, living the dream and spreading the joy of these passions with folks who share the love!