Author - Stephanie S.

Hi there, I’m Stacey Stearns, and my life revolves around a beautiful blend of academic endeavors, equestrian writing, and a special equine companion named Remi. I find myself deeply entrenched in the equestrian world, lending my expertise through various avenues and publications such as Equus, Holistic Horse, Equine Journal, and Equitrekking.

When I’m not juggling the academic sphere at a university, I’m fervently working on how-to guides aimed at assisting fellow equestrians. My research and citation background have substantially shaped my writing style, infusing a precision and depth of knowledge into each guide I create. Exploring diverse equestrian topics to serve the community is a passion I thoroughly relish.

My digital footprint extends to my blog, “Ride Every Stride,” where I share experiences, insights, and the wisdom accumulated during my equestrian journey. Through my blog, I aim to connect with a wider audience and offer a deeper understanding of the equestrian lifestyle and the beautiful world of horses.

But in the midst of this vibrant equestrian tapestry, my beloved Morgan Horse, Remi, remains at the heart of my passion. Each moment spent with him is a treasured one, where the unspoken language of trust and mutual connection forms the bedrock of our relationship.

The equestrian world continually invites me to explore, learn, and share my experiences. It’s not just about riding a horse; it’s a commitment to understanding, appreciating, and enhancing the horse-human relationship. I find tremendous joy in supporting the equestrian community through my writing, blending academic rigor with a heartfelt dedication to the art of riding and horsemanship.