Author - Mary Beth Rohaly

Howdy! I’m Mary Beth Rohaly, and my journey into the art of mane braiding has been nothing short of a transformation. Starting from struggling to braid a mane to becoming a braiding expert, my passion has shifted to teaching and sharing the secrets of mane braiding.

My journey began like many others – the frustration of attempting to create perfect mane braids for shows. Determination took over, and through sheer hard work, patience, and lots of practice, I evolved into a braiding aficionado. And boy, what a journey it has been!

One thing that excites me the most is sharing my experience and expertise. I’m dedicated to helping riders elevate their mane braiding game from mediocre to magnificent. Whether it’s to grace the successful stages of hunt seat and dressage shows or just for the sheer joy of enhancing their horse’s appearance, I’m here to help riders unlock the secrets behind those perfect braids.

Over time, I’ve realized the value of exceptional mane braids – not just for shows but also as a source of income. At my hub,, I offer an extensive array of tips, techniques, and secrets I’ve acquired throughout my journey. These insights are designed to empower riders, whether they’re preparing for a competition, seeking a unique look for their horse, or even aiming to generate income by offering braiding services.

Braiding isn’t just an art; it’s an investment in the horse’s presentation and, sometimes, a gateway to entrepreneurial success. My mission is to demystify the art of mane braiding and support fellow riders in transforming their horse’s mane into an extraordinary work of art. With a touch of practice and a sprinkle of know-how, everyone can craft breathtaking braids. So, join me at and unlock the secrets of magnificent mane braiding!