Author - Marie A.

Arabians hold the key to my equestrian heart. The grace, beauty, and spirit of these majestic creatures have captivated me. I’m proud to raise an Arabian filly and ride and showcase my gelding on the thrilling Class A Arabian Circuit. The shows are a passion; it’s not just competition, but an exhilarating celebration of the Arabian breed.

Horses aren’t just a hobby; they’re a way of life for me. With a new Arabian filly and a second Arab in my stable, my love for these horses is woven into the fabric of my everyday. I’m no stranger to the equestrian world, having embraced it from a young age. I got my first horse at 13, igniting a lifelong passion that’s only grown stronger over the years.

Competing in the Class A Arabian Circuit isn’t the only way I immerse myself in the equestrian realm. Running a Horseback Riding Blog allows me to share my experiences, insights, and adventures in the equestrian world. It’s a platform where I not only showcase my love for Arabians but also delve into various facets of riding, training, and the joy of being with these incredible animals.

Aside from the show ring and the blogosphere, you’ll often find me tuned into the latest horse racing news. It’s not just a pastime; it’s a way to keep a pulse on the ever-evolving equine industry, staying connected to the wider world of horses.

From competing in hunter pleasure and western pleasure to embracing breeding and early horse training, my journey in the equestrian world is a vibrant tapestry that’s shaped by a deep love for Arabians. It’s not just about the competition; it’s about cherishing these incredible animals and sharing the joy of horses with fellow enthusiasts.