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7 times your ability to rationalise an equestrian purchase was next level

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Written by Andrea Parker

As equestrian’s we all know that it is much easier to rationalise spending money on our equine partners and on our own equine related needs than on the daily necessities of life, you know like food. In fact you could probably argue that the skill of rationalising equestrian purchases is as necessary as being able to sit trot. 

I feel like this is an area in which I have exceptional skills, however when you start to influence others it may be time to rein it in (pardon the pun)?

Here are seven times when I have demonstrated these skills:

1. You know you MUST buy a second pair of top boots for everyday riding because your short boots and gaiters have a vastly different feel to your competition boots. And of course you couldn’t wear your competition boots every day. Duh!

2. Your coach tells you that she has placed an order for a third pair of top boots. You remind her that this is actually pretty sensible as the boots need to dry out in between rides for maximum life expectancy. Which acutally means that you need four pairs, two top boots for home and two for competition…

3. You can justify spending $500+ on a new Samshield helmet because you know safety (you only have one brain!).

4. Spending more than $150 on that Asmar Equestrian shirt because sun safety is important

5. You buy that new $500 Schockemohle bridle you’ve been eyeing off. After all your current bridle is well over four years old, it has started to develop some cracks which can be viewed under the lense of a microscope and you got $50 for Christmas. There also happens to be a Boxing Day sale on so you are practically saving money.

6. Your friend needs a new saddle and is planning on buying a Collegiate even though what she really wants is an Equiline. You convince her to buy the Equiline because a good saddle is an investment.

7. You decide that you NEED to replace your trustworthy yellow rain coat with a luscious Asmar Equestrian All Weather Rider because it almost fully covers the saddle. And remember your saddle is an investment so a jacket which protects your saddle is also an investment.

What has been your best equestrian rationalisation?


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Hey, I'm Andrea Parker, an adult amateur dressage enthusiast on a remarkable journey with my 13-year-old mare, Mon Ami. Delving into the equestrian world, I recount the highs and the hurdles on my blog, The Sand Arena Ballerina. I'm also passionately working on crafting an equestrian podcast titled Equestrian Pulse.