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3 Reasons horseback riding is fun (and worth it)

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Written by Channing Seideman

Rewards outweigh risks for most equestrians

Most riders hear some form of this sentiment from their trainers: “Horses are not motorcycles.” The lesson being, of course, that horses have minds of their own. They aren’t machines, and they definitely don’t come with instruction manuals.

What there is, rather, is a secret handshake between horse and rider that’s constantly evolving.

Given the risks of horse riding, and the hefty price tag of lessons, gear, and a horse (if you buy your own), many non-equestrians wonder if horseback riding can possibly fun enough.

Here are 3 reasons the answer is a resounding YES!

Forge an incredible bond

Riding is all about the bond you build with your horse. There’s an unspoken language between horse and rider, and it’s unique from rider to rider and horse to horse.

The stronger your bond, the bigger the thrill when you’re jumping or competing cross-country. The stronger partnership you build, the bigger the rush you’ll get sliding to a stop in your reining pattern or rounding that third barrel. The bigger goals you set together, the more rewarding it will be working your way up the dressage levels.

Whichever discipline you choose, tackling new challenges alongside your equine partner is SO fun!

horse human bond

There’s no bond like that between horse and rider.

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Live in the moment

Riding takes fun to new levels outside the arena, too.

When horse and rider are galloping through an open field, splashing through puddles, there’s nothing in front of you but open space.

Past worries fade away, and future concerns fall by the wayside.

Living completely in the present is Hollywood-esque. It feels like you could run for hours without a care in the world.

Photo Credit: Patricia Kelly

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Take the good with the bad

Not only are horses not motorcycles, they’re not dogs either.  While the relationship between horse and rider is unique, it’s still a relationship.

How many relationships do you know that are perfect?

Horses don’t always greet you at the door, so to speak, tail a-wagging. A horse’s affection isn’t unconditional, but taking the good with the bad makes your relationship with horses even more meaningful.

And those lessons you learn about acceptance, patience, and empathy? They extend to every other relationship in your life. 

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Not every moment will be fun… and that’s OK!

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There’s no time like the present

With riding, as with all things, there will be road blocks, barriers, and times when you take one step forward and two steps back.

But with every step forward, your horse-human bond deepens.

Whether you’re slipping your boots into the stirrups for the first time or the five hundredth, whether you own, lease, or borrow your horse, this sport will quickly steal your heart. Horses will become part of your family, and soon you’ll wonder how you ever had fun without them!

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Channing Seideman

Channing Seideman is an advocate for quality of life for people with epilepsy. Channing is 26 and has lived with epilepsy – and ridden with epilepsy - since she was 9, refusing to let her condition define her life. When it threatened her goals as a competitive horse jumper, she wore an inflatable vest to protect her from falls due to seizures. And when it threatened to keep her from finding meaningful employment in the health industry, she became a medical transcriptionist. Now Channing works at the non-profit, May We Help.