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Safe & Secure: Simple Ways to Store Cowboy Hats

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Written by Natalie Gasper

Proper Cowboy Hat Storage for Rookies

Storing a cowboy hat is an art form with different rules and etiquette for different occasions. But you needn’t worry, we’ve simplified all the do’s and don’ts of cowboy hat storage.

For long-term storage, use a hat box. For short-term situations, use a hat rack or hook, or place the hat on its crown. The material of the hat doesn’t matter, all hats should be stored the same way.

Storing Your Hat Safely

Always place your hat down on the crown, brush it after every wear, and keep your hat in a hat box if you’re not wearing it for long periods of time. 

To Start: How to Wear Your Cowboy Hat

Your hat should sit in the middle of your forehead and just above your ears. Make sure the bow on the sweatband is at the back of your head. 

Hat Storage Etiquette

Never place your hat on a bed—it’s bad luck!

If you’re outdoors and around food or drink, it’s OK to place your hat down on the brim (to prevent food or drink from being spilled into it).

Read more about cowboy hat etiquette here

black cowboy hat on straw bale

How not to store your cowboy hat. Source: Canva

Standard Storage Methods

Some standard storage methods include a hat box, a hat rack (short-term only), or a hat rest.

Does Material Matter? Felt vs. Straw Hat Storage

Both materials require the hat’s shaping to be protected, so always hang your hat, place it down on the crown, or use a hat box.

Short-term Hat Storage

For short periods, hang your hat on a rack or hook, or place it on a clean, flat surface crown-side down.

Long-term Hat Storage

The best long-term cowboy hat storage solution? A hat box or hat can. It’ll keep the hat clean and protect its shape.

Best Cowboy Hat Storage Can

Hat cans are more common than hat boxes when it comes to cowboy hat storage.

Hat cans usually hold one hat, but you can find hat cans that are designed to hold two hats.

Best Cowboy Hat Storage Box

This hat box will keep your hat protected when you need to put it away for longer periods of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you store a cowboy hat when not wearing it?

Ideally, you can hang it on a hook or place it on the crown (to protect the shape of the brim). You can temporarily put it brim-side down if you’re outside.

Q: How do you store a cowboy hat at home?

A hat carrier is ideal. For short-term storage, you can place it crown-side down or hang it on a hat rack.

Q: How should I hang my cowboy hat?

Hang it on a hat rack or hook, using the inside band. Most cowboys will place the back of their hat on the rack or hook.

Q: How should I hang my cowboy hat on a wall?

A coat rack or hat hook works fine for the short term.

Q: How do you store a felt cowboy hat?

Ideally, you can use a hat box. For short periods, place your hat on its crown on a clean surface to protect the shape of the brim.

Q: How do you store a cowboy hat in a truck?

You shouldn’t permanently store a cowboy hat in a truck because of the heat. However, for a long drive, you can place the hat crown down on a seat or hang it from the back of the driver’s or passenger’s seat.

gray hat in black hat can

Hat properly stored in hat can

Parting Thoughts

Some traditions may take some getting used to it, but proper storage can keep your hat in excellent shape for years to come. To say nothing about keeping you looking great throughout those years.

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