Body Awareness for Riders

Why We Love It:

There are many courses and clinics out there that teach about having the proper mentality, position, and technique when in the saddle. But what happens when your neurons don’t seem to quite make it correctly from Point A (your brain) to Point B (the correct muscle in your body)?

Believe it or not, this is a struggle that riders face, from beginners all the way up to professionals. Mary Debono’s methods come along with wide acclaim from riders of all levels, because they actually work—and fast. Grab this introduction to Mary’s methodology for a steal in Body Awareness for Riders. And if you want to dig deeper, be sure to check out the course bundles with Develop a Healthy Core.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Balance, relaxation, and coordination in the saddle through body awareness
  • How to have a happier spine (and rest of your body!)
  • To develop a better posture, seat, and quiet hands

What It Costs:


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