Author - Warwick Schiller

I am Warwick Schiller, a lifelong equestrian on a diverse journey across continents and disciplines. Originally from Australia, my passion for horses led me to chase my dream of training them in the United States during my twenties. Focused on reining, I achieved the esteemed NRHA Reserve World Champion title and proudly represented Australia at both the 2010 and 2018 World Equestrian Games.

Coaching individuals became a platform to showcase my knack for imparting knowledge. Guiding aspiring riders to clinch coveted reining titles, such as NRHA World Champions, Rookie of the Year recipients, and champions in both Australia and the U.S., solidified my reputation as a top-notch professional in the field.

The crux of my success lies in the relentless support I extend to my followers. Whether online or in person, I engage with respect and empathy, finding fulfillment in the successes of those I mentor.

A perpetual quest for growth fuels my journey. I immerse myself in learning from fellow trainers, absorbing their diverse methods and philosophies. Together with my wife Robyn, I embarked on an epic journey, culminating in our return to the 2018 World Equestrian Games and the forthcoming launch of a book series. Additionally, I’ve introduced an engaging online course focusing on the Principles of Training.

You can find me at Horse Expos worldwide, delivering presentations and speeches, featured on Farm & Ranch TV and Horse and Country TV. In those settings, I’ll be sharing stories, listening closely to the horses, and working diligently to evolve as a better coach, trainer, husband, father, and global citizen. Robyn, an integral force, stands by my side, supporting individuals on their own paths to becoming the finest horse-people they can be. Our journey is one of continuous learning, driven by passion, community, and a shared goal of bettering ourselves, our horses, and the world at large.