Author - Travis Fortune

Greetings! I was raised on a charming small farm nestled in the scenic landscapes of southwestern Indiana, a place that fostered my love for animals and the world of showcasing their beauty. In high school, I had the wonderful opportunity to exhibit both horses and Boer goats, an experience that fueled my desire to pursue a degree in Animal Science with a specialized focus in Equine Management at Murray State University.

My equestrian journey began long before my college days. Before stepping foot into the university corridors, I found myself on the illustrious Pony of the Americas (POA) and AQHA circuit, showcasing my skills in the ring. The POA circuit, with its focus on youth, became a significant part of my show experience. I began my equestrian journey at a tender age, around one year old, competing in lead line shows, setting the stage for my illustrious journey in the equestrian world.

At the young age of two, I clinched victory at the POA World show in the Lead Line Horsemanship, marking the commencement of a successful and passionate journey in horse showcasing. Growing up on a horse farm, surrounded by a family deeply involved in showcasing horses, instilled in me an enduring love for the world of horse shows.

As my journey progressed, my final year as a youth saw me participating in horse shows across the country, culminating in the prestigious achievement of securing the All-Around High Point at the POA Congress. The horse show bug bit me early, and the thrill of competition, the beauty of the bond between rider and horse, has remained an enduring passion, shaping my life and propelling my journey in the equestrian world.