Author - Susie W.

Horses are not just my passion; they’re my first love, an enduring connection that has shaped my life. Growing up, I embarked on my equestrian journey through 4-H, a foundation that kindled the spark of a lifelong devotion to these majestic creatures. This journey led me to my college equestrian team, where I continued to hone my riding skills and forge connections within the equestrian community.

As an adult, I’ve been in the saddle for over 20 years, primarily focusing on Quarter Horses. My dedication to these incredible animals has led to numerous accolades, including several wins at the prestigious Quarter Horse Congress. My experience isn’t confined to the saddle; I’ve also dedicated seven years to working with a leading horse feed company, a role that deepened my understanding of equine health and nutrition. I’m fervently passionate about ensuring the well-being of our four-legged companions.

One particular passion that holds a special place in my heart is caring for senior horses. The wisdom, experience, and connection that these older equines bring to our lives are truly priceless. They deserve the best in their golden years, and I’m committed to advocating for their well-being.

Based in the breathtaking landscapes of the Front Range, my venture, Bottomless Backpacks, is a testament to my love for the outdoors. It’s a tribute to the wild beauty that surrounds us, a platform where we share our outdoor experiences and create a network of like-minded adventurers. The journey has evolved into something more, as we’ve transformed into a boutique outdoor retailer, offering limited quantities of customized gear from our favorite brands. We specialize in outdoor accessories and unique gifts, aimed at enhancing your outdoor experiences.

My life revolves around the world of horses, the tranquility of the outdoors, and the joy of sharing these experiences with kindred spirits. Through Bottomless Backpacks, I’m determined to protect and enjoy the great outdoors while promoting the well-being of horses, especially our cherished seniors.