Author - Stephany Fish Crossman

Stephany Fish Crossman is the inspirational force behind Serendipity Dressage, residing in Brooksville, Florida, where she nurtures her profound passion for horses. Her equestrian journey commenced at a county fair in 1977 when she experienced her inaugural pony ride, igniting an unyielding devotion to all things equine.

At eighteen, Stephany embarked on a dedicated pursuit of dressage after leaving college to train as a working student under acclaimed figures like Michael Poulin. Seeking broader horizons, she pursued further education at the International Academy of Equestrian Studies in Germany, earning her National Trainer Certificate and immersing herself in invaluable equine training.

Throughout her illustrious career, Stephany achieved the coveted Bronze and Silver USDF Medals, with her eyes set on acquiring Grand Prix scores for the prestigious Gold Medal. She’s also excelled in training horses to FEI levels and delving into the study of natural horsemanship.

As one of the few accredited coaches for Mary Wanless’ Ride With Your Mind Biomechanics System in the U.S., Stephany focuses on blending classical dressage training with a profound understanding of biomechanics. She continuously hones her expertise through ongoing education with distinguished trainers like Heather Blitz, Mary Wanless, and Harry Whitney.

Based in the Tampa Bay Area, Stephany shares her wisdom through clinics and tailored instruction, participating in competitions while training her horses. She currently guides Ehrensache WHR (“Sache”) to Third Level and grooms his younger brother, Fortune 500, alongside nurturing a yearling from Reflections Farm. Stephany’s vision is to inspire confident, competitive, and happy horse and rider partnerships through Serendipity Dressage, where her expertise and passion harmonize to forge enduring connections between horse and rider.