Author - Stacy Westfall

I’m Stacy Westfall, and horses have been the core of my life for as long as I can remember. My passion for these majestic creatures has guided my journey, leading me to a mission I wholeheartedly believe in: to share the wealth of knowledge horses have imparted to me and what I’ve learned about them in return. My ultimate aim is to help bridge the gap between horses and humans, illuminating the incredible lessons they can teach us about life itself.

In my years as an international speaker, professional coach, and widely sought-after endorser, I’ve been granted opportunities to work with diverse individuals and horses across a myriad of environments. I approach each challenge with a fresh perspective, understanding that every situation demands a unique solution, not just a standard response.

Understanding the dilemma faced by those who feel stuck in their horse training, I strive to unlock the ‘why’ behind every action, offering clear, confident communication methods that foster remarkable results in the horse-human relationship.

At clinics, lessons, and in training materials, I aim to provide my clients with invaluable insights. I ensure they walk away not only with a set of practical tools but also with the confidence to pursue their horsemanship goals and personal aspirations in life.

Currently, I’m reveling in my new home, enjoying the company of horses and teaching individuals how to pursue their dreams with horses. I’m all about not just believing in dreams but living them, and I’m eager to assist others in achieving their own. Whether online or at my home, I guide individuals in understanding the ‘whys’ behind horse behavior and creating clearer communication to realize better results and reach their aspirations. Are you intrigued? Join me in this journey! Visit me at to learn more.