Author - Phoebe Keogh

My life has been interwoven with the vibrant tapestry of the equestrian world for as long as I can remember. As an enthusiastic amateur eventer, horses are not just a passion; they’re an intrinsic part of my very being. I’m one of those individuals who feels a deep connection to these magnificent creatures – it’s ingrained in my life.

Embarking on my academic journey, I initially pursued an undergraduate degree in History, attaining first-class honors. This was merely the prologue to the subsequent chapter, where I dived into a Masters in International Marketing, graduating with distinction. It was during these academic pursuits that I realized my two great loves – horses and writing – could converge, giving birth to a career as an equestrian copywriter.

My career path meandered through the landscape of fast-paced agencies, and I observed the gap in the marketing sphere for the equestrian community. It dawned on me that our wonderful, peculiar, and incredible world needed representation that truly understands its essence.

I strive to offer a haven for equine copywriting and marketing to thrive, crafting purposeful, passionate content that resonates with the equine community. Phoebe Keogh, the proud owner of The Fence Post blog, dedicates her energy to creating valuable content for a myriad of equine businesses. With a semi-professional career in eventing and show jumping and a small string of horses, I strike a balance between my studies, professional endeavors, and the thrill of the arena, hoping to contribute and elevate our beloved equestrian industry.