Author - Pam Levy

I’m Pam, the heart behind The Horse and Human Wellness Project, a blog that embodies my passion for nurturing a deeper connection with our equine companions.

My love for horses began at the tender age of seven, and from that point, it was a lifelong affair. The pivotal moment came when I turned ten and was gifted my first pony, Misty. A decade of horse-crazed adventures ensued, exploring various disciplines, from hunters, jumpers, eventing to dressage. My Pony Club journey saw me achieve a B2 level, a source of pride that sometimes nudges me to have attempted an A level, though college life beckoned.

Venturing into adulthood, I traversed the equestrian world as a “professional equestrian” – a nebulous title encompassing all roles from mucking stalls to coaching. Two decades of diverse equestrian experiences shaped my journey before I reached where I am now.

Today, I’m realizing my dream life in rural Nova Scotia, where my husband and I have created a haven for our three cherished equine friends: Sunny, Stella, and Q. While my days are spent in a bustling city office, my heart resides in our small farm, where I devote myself to crafting a better life for my horses.

Pam Levy, the equestrian enthusiast and creator behind The Horse and Human Wellness Project, continues her lifelong pursuit to forge a profound connection with horses. Her blog chronicles this journey while celebrating the joy of living with her herd in rural Nova Scotia, where her three equine companions and two feline friends, Jack and Arthur, share her boundless affection and care.