Author - Narissa Jones

I’m Narissa Jones, an enthusiastic equestrian whose heart lies in the world of jumping, liberty work, and the wonderful journey I share with my OTTB gelding, Vegas. If you’re curious to follow our adventures, feel free to join us on Instagram.

Life has this incredible way of leading us through various paths—some adorned with dazzling highs and others lined with challenging lows. Yet, amid it all, one thing remains constant: the remarkable light that horses bring. I want you to know that, no matter where you are in life, these incredible creatures will always illuminate your path.

Perhaps, like me, you’ve experienced a time away from the equestrian world, feeling a little hesitant about returning to the saddle. There might be a concern that you won’t be the same rider as you were before, especially after losing your first heart horse. The fear of time slipping away might weigh on your mind, making you wonder if it will ever feel the same.

In the past, I was completely engrossed in all things equine. My walls were a gallery of horse posters, bookshelves stacked with encyclopedias and magazines, and my days filled with riding lessons in various disciplines under the guidance of incredible trainers. Those were the moments that ignited joy and contentment within my soul.

There’s a light that shines brightly when I’m around horses, especially my companion Vegas. It’s a light that’s been a guiding force throughout my life. And I’m here to encourage you, as I encourage myself, to return to the saddle, to reignite that passion, and rediscover the solace, happiness, and light that horses bring. So take that leap back into the saddle, find that familiar warmth, and let the horses guide you back to your center. Together, let’s embrace the grounding force and the enduring light they bring into our lives.