Author - Melanie B.

I’m passionate about horses, a passion that was kindled through a lifetime immersed in lessons, horse camps, and the joy of riding. It all began when I first felt the thrill of the saddle as a child and continued as I found myself working at a boarding stable and teaching beginner riding lessons. Throughout my equestrian journey, I’ve grown to own two magnificent horses, embarking on an adventure competing in both English and Western disciplines.

My relationship with horses transcends the competition; it extends into the realm of care and well-being. Certified in equine sports therapy massage, I’ve delved into the art of healing and nurturing these beautiful creatures. From the tranquility of the stables to the dynamic world of riding, my experience has given me a profound understanding of horses’ physical and emotional needs, guiding me to explore different aspects of their care, training, and performance. I aim to share my multifaceted equestrian experiences and the knowledge I’ve gathered, bringing the joy and intricacies of the equine world to enthusiasts and fellow horse lovers.