Author - McKenzie Mae Brown

I’m McKenzie Mae, and I live for the adrenaline rush of running barrels with my trusty Quarter Horses, Royal and Bugs. Washington State is my playground for spreading positivity, helmet awareness, and what I like to call the “Flomie” spirit.

My love affair with horses began as a young girl. I vividly recall the very first time I climbed onto a horse and felt an exhilarating sense of freedom. Fast forward to today, and that passion has led me down the exhilarating path of barrel racing.

Royal and Bugs are more than just horses to me – they’re my partners in crime and my steadfast companions on the barrels. With their powerful strides and unwavering spirit, they embody the essence of speed and precision that make barrel racing an electrifying sport.

In addition to racing, I’m dedicated to advocating for helmet awareness in the equestrian community. Your noggin’s safety is paramount when you’re hurtling around barrels at breakneck speed, and I’m all about rocking that helmet with pride!

Positivity is my life mantra, both in and out of the arena. I firmly believe that a positive mindset can transform any experience. This belief is what drives me to spread encouragement, enthusiasm, and good vibes wherever I go. The “Flomie” spirit, as I call it, is a blend of my fiery determination, mixed with a touch of optimism and a dash of “never give up” attitude.

Washington State is not only where I ride and race; it’s also where I aim to inspire others to chase their dreams, push their limits, and embrace the joy that comes from pursuing what sets their soul on fire.

So, saddle up and join me on this wild ride! Whether it’s barrel racing tips, positivity, helmet advocacy, or just some good ol’ horse talk, I’m excited to share this journey with you. Let’s spread the “Flomie” spirit together!