Author - Martha Figueroa

Living a life entwined with horses and bachata rhythms, I am Martha Figueroa, a horse-obsessed bachatera, navigating the equestrian world while swaying to the beats of Bachata. My journey is an amalgamation of rhythm and hoofbeats, artfully captured on my Instagram at @martha.fig_.

My love affair with horses began as a childhood infatuation, blossoming into a lifelong passion. In the serene dance between horse and rider, I discovered an unparalleled connection that stirred my soul. It’s not just about riding; it’s about the profound bond, the unspoken understanding between equine and human that fuels my existence.

Woven within the fabric of my equestrian adventures is the vivacious spirit of Bachata, a dance form that harmonizes seamlessly with my equine pursuits. The passionate rhythms and graceful movements of Bachata complement the elegance and rhythm of horse riding, forming a unique fusion that defines my essence.

On my Instagram, I share snippets of my equestrian escapades, inviting fellow enthusiasts into my world where the horse’s thundering hooves match the pulsating beats of Bachata melodies. From the tranquil beauty of riding through scenic landscapes to the adrenaline rush of equestrian events, my feed encapsulates the diverse hues of the equestrian life, always accompanied by the vibrant spirit of Bachata.

As a horse-obsessed bachatera, I aim to inspire and infuse a blend of passion and rhythm into the equestrian community. Through my journey, I celebrate the joys, challenges, and exhilarating moments of the equestrian world, inviting all to join in the harmonious dance between hoofbeats and the melodious cadence of Bachata.

Join me on this rhythmic journey, where the elegance of horse riding converges with the enchanting rhythms of Bachata, and together, we explore the boundless beauty and connection found in both the equine and musical worlds.