Author - Margaret Burns Vap

I’m Margaret Burns Vap, the trailblazer behind Big Sky Yoga Retreats, a haven nestled in the scenic embrace of Montana, combining the serenity of yoga with the spirited adventure of horseback riding. With a legacy steeped in decades of yoga instruction, I’ve shared my passion for wellness, mindfulness, and the art of yoga, fostering a community of practitioners and enthusiasts.

My journey commenced in the bustling vibes of Washington D.C., where I owned and instructed at a yoga studio, nurturing a space for yogis to delve into their practice. However, my path led me to the tranquil landscapes of Montana, where I proudly serve as the Founder and Boss Mare of Big Sky Yoga Retreats, blending the restorative energy of yoga with the vibrant spirit of horseback riding.

When I’m not guiding transformational retreats, I pour my heart and soul into caring for my beloved herd of three geldings at my Montana abode. The connection with these majestic creatures transcends mere care—it’s a bond that echoes the rhythms of my heart and infuses tranquility into my everyday life.

My mission at Big Sky Yoga Retreats is to create a haven where individuals can explore the balance of mind, body, and spirit, a place where yoga meets the wild allure of horseback riding. It’s a tribute to the beauty of Montana and the transformative power of wellness.

With a heart that beats for yoga, a passion for horseback riding, and a dedication to fostering wellness in a stunning natural setting, I continue to weave my journey, inspiring others to find harmony and bliss through the union of yoga and the beauty of the outdoors.