Author - Mandy I.

I’m Amanda Iverson, and if there’s one thing that’s been a constant in my life, it’s horses. Growing up on a dude and cattle ranch in the heart of Montana, horses have been my steadfast companions since the beginning. My horsemanship journey started amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the West, where long days in the saddle were more than just a part of life; they were moments of pure joy and connection.

Nowadays, I call Cascade, Montana home, cherishing the serene views and the horse-friendly environment this area offers. From the rolling plains to the stunning mountains, this place feels like it’s right where I belong. My horsemanship experience rooted in Western riding has been a constant source of joy and connection. The bond between a rider and their horse is something truly special, and I’ve been fortunate to experience it on a deeper level.

But life isn’t solely about riding and ranching; I’m also passionate about being a mother and wife. Juggling family life and the equestrian world isn’t always an easy task, and I love sharing my insights and experiences on balancing both worlds. I often delve into the joys and challenges of being a mother while maintaining a fulfilling horse-centric life, and I share these reflections through my blog. It’s my way of connecting with other moms who share a similar passion for both family life and the equine world.

In addition to my rich ranching background, I pursued my education at Montana State University, where I gained more insights into various facets of life, from horses and ranching to family dynamics. So here I am, blending the roles of an equestrian enthusiast, a rancher, a mother, and a blogger – a life that’s beautifully filled with the love for horses and the warmth of family.