Author - Lucy @ Horse Factbook

I’m Lucy Robinson, and horses have been an integral part of my life’s journey from a very young age. At the tender age of five, I encountered a rough patch—experiencing bullying at school—that dented my confidence. To help me regain my footing, my parents introduced me to horse riding. Little did they know that this introduction would not only restore my confidence but also set me on a lifelong journey intertwined with these magnificent creatures.

As the years rolled by, my passion for horses grew. I took my love for equines to the next level by earning an Executive Diploma in Equine Horse Care from the International Career Institute. It was a defining moment when I purchased my first horse. It illuminated how much there was still to learn and how little information was readily available, especially in the days without the internet. Relying on friends and personal experience led me to a treasure trove of equine knowledge, and it instilled a desire to share this wisdom.

This thirst for knowledge and the aspiration to help others inspired the creation of my blog, My aim was simple: to create a resource hub, a factbook of sorts, that caters to both budding and seasoned equestrians. With decades of firsthand experience in owning numerous horses, managing donkeys, and successfully running a riding school teaching both English and Western riding styles, I sought to pass on valuable insights and wisdom to the equestrian community. is where I share this wealth of knowledge, and it’s my humble endeavor to contribute to the vibrant equestrian community. So saddle up and visit my blog for a diverse array of resources and insightful articles on all things equine!