Author - Lara G.

Motherhood has been the ultimate roller coaster of challenges and rewards, a journey that fuels my passion for blogging about the beautiful chaos and joy of raising my two delightful “littles.” Their laughter and antics bring a daily smile to my face, serving as a constant reminder of the wonders of parenthood.

Beyond the realm of parenting, I don multiple hats as a project manager, backed by an academic foundation rooted in citations, research, and scholarly pursuits. Professionally, my world revolves around managing projects, balancing timelines, and ensuring things run smoothly—a role that keeps me organized and on my toes.

However, my heart resides not just in the boardroom but also amidst the hoofbeats of my equine companions. At home, I’m the proud caretaker of three magnificent horses, a testament to my enduring love for these incredible animals. My equestrian journey began at the age of 9, and through college, I immersed myself in the world of riding. Yet, life’s twists led me away from the saddle for a time. However, the equestrian bug never left my soul, and I found my way back to the sport as an adult.

Horses have a way of grounding me, providing solace and joy amid life’s whirlwind. They’re more than just animals; they’re companions that offer a special connection and a peaceful refuge in the midst of life’s chaos.

Combining the dynamics of motherhood, professional project management, and the tranquility found in horses, I aim to share my experiences, trials, and joys through the lens of a parent, a professional, and an equestrian enthusiast. My journey is a blend of nurturing, organizing, and finding serenity amidst the hooves and laughter, a narrative I’m passionate about sharing with fellow parents, professionals, and horse lovers.