Author - Kelsey W.

I am Kira, and my journey revolves around a fervent love for hippology and judging horses from the grassroots of 4-H to national levels. Achieving national qualifications in the Arabian Horse Association with a horse I personally brought up, I now channel my passion towards my six-year-old rescue Thoroughbred. My pursuits have always intertwined with passionate change-makers, often veering into niche topics that intrigue me the most.

My trajectory in animal management spans over 20 years, threading through 7 years in the political arena and another 3 years deeply entrenched in the cannabis industry as a policy analyst. Although my background leans towards technical writing, my creative prowess shines through engaging and informative blog creation as well.

Ready to delve into any challenge, I offer support as both a writer and executive assistant. Equipped to dive into the minutiae of organizational tasks, from taming unruly inboxes to the “boring stuff” like newsletters, scheduling, and financial tracking, I ensure every element runs like a well-oiled machine. Collaborating with artists, women of color, LGBTQIA+ communities, activists, and highly regulated industries exhilarates me. Let me ease your load by refining your email communications, crafting your newsletter strategy, and investigating complex business ideas, providing comprehensive briefs for your exploration. No question is too small to address.