Author - Kathi L.

I’m Catherine Lee, and I lead a double life – one foot planted firmly in the digital world and the other delightfully entrenched in the horsey universe. As an equestrian marketing guru, I help businesses navigate the online realm, leveraging my expertise in SEO and social media to empower equestrian ventures in reaching and engaging their audiences effectively.

Growing up, I was a proud member of 4-H, where my passion for horses first flourished. While my academic education was unique—homeschooled—I received an invaluable equine education both in the classroom and the barn. I’ve been fortunate enough to own a horse, offering me an intimate understanding of the relationship between rider and mount.

In my equestrian adventures, I’ve worn multiple hats, from colt training to guiding riders through the enchanting trails as a trail guide. The diverse experiences have allowed me to delve deep into the realm of horse-human connections, mastering the art of understanding and communicating with these magnificent animals.

One of my most thrilling equestrian experiences was as a participant in the 2016 Extreme Mustang Makeover Competition in Colorado. This intense, transformative event cultivated a profound respect for the capabilities and untapped potential of these incredible mustangs.

Amidst these thrilling experiences, I’ve discovered a profound love for the elegant world of dressage. Currently engrossed in dressage lessons, I’m wholeheartedly dedicated to mastering the nuanced connection between horse and rider that defines this discipline.

Nebraska is not just my residence; it’s my haven. It’s the place where I can find solace amidst the serene landscapes, a beautiful backdrop to cultivate both my digital expertise and equestrian passion. Whether it’s strategizing SEO, curating engaging content, or perfecting my dressage moves, my heart is forever tethered to the equine world. Join me on this incredible journey where I harmoniously blend digital prowess with the captivating universe of horses, telling stories that inspire and building connections that resonate.