Author - Julia Roshelli

Hey there! Hailing from Collegeville, Pennsylvania, horses have been an intrinsic part of my life’s journey from the very beginning. As a lifelong equestrian enthusiast, I find myself currently immersed in the vibrant academic world at the University of Findlay, pursuing a dual major in Western Equestrian Studies and Marketing.

My affinity for horses has been a constant thread woven throughout my life, igniting a passion that guided my academic pursuits. At the university, the Western Equestrian Studies program has allowed me to deepen my understanding of Western riding techniques and horsemanship, aligning seamlessly with my lifelong love for these majestic creatures. Simultaneously, exploring the nuances of Marketing adds a dynamic layer to my education, offering a blend of creativity and strategic thinking.

Beyond the stables and classrooms, I find solace and joy in diverse activities that enrich my life. Basketball is not just a sport but an avenue for camaraderie and physical activity, offering a dynamic escape from the rigors of academia and riding. Waterskiing, another adrenaline-pumping pursuit, allows me to embrace the thrill of the water, adding a refreshing layer to my hobbies.

The blend of equestrian studies, marketing, and my recreational pursuits reflects the diverse mosaic of my passions and interests. Each aspect of my life contributes to a vibrant tapestry that resonates with a shared love for horses, a flair for marketing, and the joy of exhilarating sports. As I navigate the university landscape and pursue my dreams, I’m fueled by a desire to blend my academic pursuits and hobbies into a life that’s not just fulfilling but reflects the harmony of my passions and aspirations.