Author - Jamie Graham

Hello, I’m Jamie, residing in the sunlit city of Phoenix, Arizona, surrounded by the love of my amazing husband, two rescue dogs, and my cherished 9-year-old gelding, Koda.

Combining my passions has always been my dream, aiming to aid others in their fitness endeavors to become better equestrian athletes. My journey commenced as a therapeutic horse riding instructor and equine assisted Recreation Therapist post my master’s degree completion in Texas. With certifications as a Certified Personal Trainer, Recreation Therapist, Youth Exercise Specialist, and Equestrian Athlete, I fervently advocate for the mental and physical benefits of exercise, directly impacting our performance in the saddle.

My platform strives to break barriers by promoting body inclusivity, fostering diversity, and advocating against the diet culture prevalent in both the Equestrian and Fitness industries. Haybales and Barbells, my brainchild, stands as an all-encompassing haven for everyone.

As an athlete, I understand the necessity to train like one. I aspire that through the diverse range of equestrian-specific fitness programs, I can assist you in achieving your fitness goals, transforming you into a better athlete for both yourself and your horse. Haybales & Barbells is dedicated to providing accessible and affordable fitness programs catering to equestrians across all riding levels.

Our mission extends beyond fitness education; we aim to enlighten equestrian athletes about the advantages of fitness training, both on and off the saddle. Above all, we fervently advocate for a more diverse and inclusive environment for ALL equestrian athletes.

I stand committed to fostering a community where diversity is celebrated, and everyone, regardless of their background or skill level, feels welcome and empowered in their fitness and equestrian journeys.